Newsweek Crashing: Investigators Raid HQ, Insider Reveals ‘Toxic’ Workplace

“Manufacturing rage for clicks is their current business model.”

Things aren’t looking good over at Newsweek.

On Thursday, the New York Post reported that two dozen investigators raided the NYC headquarters of Newsweek’s parent company, IBT Media. There is little information as to why the offices were raided but apparently, investigators are interested in the company’s servers and were seen photographing them. Back in December, one of the company’s co-founders, Etienne Uzac, had a tax lien place on him by the IRS for $1.2 million.

Also last year, Newsweek lost its editor-in-chief Matt McAllester after he was accused of age and sex discrimination by a female employee in a lawsuit against his former employee, Time magazine.

Then there’s the terrible anti-Trump journalism, sensational covers, and headlines. Since the 2016 election, and even before, Newsweek has shown its extreme bias. We’ve covered a lot of it here at TruthRevolt. 

There was senior writer Kurt Eichenwald who wished torture, sickness, and death on the loved ones of GOP members who voted for Trumpcare. 

The magazine depicted Trump as a “lazy boy,” slurping down Diet Cokes and eating Cheetos, looking “bored and tired.” 

Writer Beatrice Dupuy callously predicted Melania would divorce her husband and rip the first family apart.

“How Murderer Charles Manson and Donald Trump Used Language to Gain Followers” was an insane headline written by Melissa Matthews.

Then there’s Newsweek’s obsession with the president’s penis. One of its covers screamed, “Pop goes the weasels,” and featured a woman’s hand popping an orange balloon that was shaped into a penis to represent hope that the #MeToo movement was going to take down Trump. This week, an article feigned concern that the president’s hair loss drug was going to render him impotent. 

And when they’re not picking on Trump, Newsweek decides it’s a good idea to post a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. in his casket on Twitter, whose daughter replied, “Why, Newsweek? Wow.”

There may be a good answer to King’s “why” question, as revealed in this tweet by The Wrap’s media editor Jon Levine. He heard from an insider who describes a “toxic” newsroom environment that has devolved into “clickbait” content that is designed to stir up “outrage on Twitter” and nothing more. It has many employees worried about their jobs:

With investigators rifling through their offices, and the decline of a once-respected publication, they have a right to be worried about the company’s future.