MSNBC Bashes ‘Cowardly’ Trump for Taking Tough Questions from 'Friendly Outlets'

"The President took the easy way out today. It was cowardly."

On MSNBC today, anchor Ali Velshi condemned President Trump for taking questions from what the anchor called "two very friendly outlets" during his earlier press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. According to Velshi, the President was "cowardly," having "cheated" by not entertaining more "legitimate news sources." 

In the midst of Velshi's rant, co-anchor Katy Tur attempted an injection of sense into the madness, saying that Trump "still got tough questions; let's be clear about that." Undeterred, Velshi demanded:

“But they were friendly outfits....The President took the easy way out today. It was cowardly to not to take questions from legitimate news sources today."

Therefore, to Ali Velshi, any media organization "friendly" to Trump is by definition illegitimate?

During joint press events such as the one with Turnbull, it is customary for each leader to call on two members of the press for questions. Trump chose The Washington Examiner's White House reporter Gabby Morrongiello, and Chief White House Correspondent Trey Yingst of One America News, whose questions were as follows:

YINGST: Following mass shootings, there’s often a lot of talk and little action. So I ask you today, what specific pieces of legislation or legislative framework will you propose to lawmakers following the Parkland shooting?


YINGST: If I could follow up, Mr. President. Amid talks of arming teachers and mental health, what specific commitments to American students can you make that these policies will them safer?


MORRONGIELLO: Your Chief of Staff, General Kelly, has recommended ending the practice of granting interim security clearances to members of the Trump administration. If that proceeds, would you be willing to grant a waiver to Jared Kushner, one of your senior advisers?

Velshi remained unmoved by the heft of the questions. Rather, he claimed:

“The fact that it was a hard question is secondary to the fact that the President, on a day he had to be held accountable, the very basis of our accountability in society, the President cheated.”

So, it's "cheating" for the President to call on outlets that aren't biased against him? Was Velshi suggesting that Obama "cheated" by granting questions or interviews to major left-wing networks such as the very one for whom Velshi works -- none of which seemed to ever offer tough questions? Did Obama play unfair when he and his cowardice appeared on Ellen or Jimmy Kimmel Live? What would have constituted bravery or legitimacy? Only allowing Fox News access to him? Furthermore, what did Velshi mean by today being "a day [Trump] had to be held accountable?" Isn't every day such a day? Velshi seemed to be maniacally throwing in nonsensical verbiage in an irrational attempt to strengthen his unhinged, emotion-fueled accusation.

Velshi humiliated himself, revealing that he in fact is not legitimate: he is incapable of objectively covering a press conference by the Left's worst nightmare -- which makes them cower -- Donald J. Trump.

For a small taste of Obama heavily "cheating," see below: