Pricavy Policy


Truth Revolt (“Truth Revolt”), owner of (the "Site") is committed to maintaining the privacy of personal information that you provide to us when using the Site.  This Privacy Policy describes how Truth Revolt and its affiliates will treat personal information received from you or about you when you visit or become a Member of the Site.  From time to time, Truth Revolt may make content or services from other websites available to you from links located on the Site, or otherwise direct you to or link to other websites. These other websites are not subject to this Privacy Policy.  You should review the privacy policy at each such website to determine how that site protects your privacy.


When you register, or subscribe to become a Member, or upload content (to the extent you are permitted to do so), and at other times, we will collect information from you.  This information falls into two main categories: Personally Identifiable Information and Non-Personally Identifiable Information.

Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) is any information collected through the Site that identifies or can be used to identify, contact, or locate you.  PII would include your full name, address, credit card number, telephone number, Social Security number or other similar information which is unique to you or specifically identifies you.  PII may include your email address if you have chosen not to use an anonymous email address (eg: some people have their full name in their email address, or have a personal website URL in their email address). We do not knowingly collect PII from children under the age of eighteen.

PII is collected through the Site, including, for payments made on the Site through our merchant credit card account, your billing information (full name, address and associated credit card number), and is stored on our servers.  Truth Revolt makes an effort to collect and save only the PII needed to process payments.  Truth Revolt uses customary security arrangement, including SSS (Secure Socket Layer) interfaces, to handle such information, and all such information is maintained in access-restricted, password protected storage.  No security system is perfect, and Truth Revolt cannot guarantee that no data breaches will occur in the future.  However, Truth Revolt intends to use reasonable precautions to protect and preserve the confidentiality of any PII collected on the Site.  In addition, whenever you make any payments “online,” including on the Site, using third-party payment processors, such as PayPal, these processors also collect PII in the payment process.  Please refer to their privacy statement which can be found here [provide link] for information about the storage of your name, address and credit card information.

Your name, email address and user password are stored on our server.  Truth Revolt may also, particularly with Members, collect other non-PII facts about your computers, profession, interests and similar information.  Truth Revolt may also elect to collect information regarding which features of the Site you use, and how frequently, to assist us in focusing Truth Revolt’s efforts and resources on the development and improvement of the Site.

Please note that, if you use the Truth Revolt Facebook app [insert name and link], or if you access the Site through links on Facebook or other third-party websites, these third party websites may collect information on you.  Please refer to the privacy policy of any third party site you may use in accessing Truth Revolt.  Facebook, and other similar websites, may forward users to Truth Revolt and provide certain information to Truth Revolt in the process.  This information is generally less than what is typically collected by Truth Revolt for registered users and Members, and is the property of Facebook or the other referring third party website, and is not within the control of Truth Revolt.

Surveys:  Truth Revolt may conduct occasional online or email surveys.  For example, when you're within the Site, you may see a pop-up window or button offering you the opportunity of participating in a survey.  These surveys are entirely voluntary and you may easily decline to participate.  If you do participate, you may be asked to provide additional information as part of the survey.  Truth Revolt will retain survey information on its server, in some instances aggregated, and in other instances as individual responses, depending on the nature and type of survey being conducted.

Site Usage Information:  Like most websites, Truth Revolt will automatically collect IP addresses and website usage information from you when you visit the Site. This information helps Truth Revolt evaluate how visitors and Members use and navigate the Site, including the number and frequency of visitors and Members accessing each Web page, and the length of their visits.

Additionally, Truth Revolt may collect usage information that is tied to Personally Identifiable Information for purposes of subscription tracking and enforcement.  This information is used to ensure Members are given appropriate access to our content and the particular Services to which they are entitled.

Help Desk Information:  Should you contact Truth Revolt’s Customer Support desk with a question or technical concern, a customer support “ticket” will be created, that you will fill out, which will be saved.  This is your support profile.  This profile may include first name, last name, phone number, email address, Membership information and status, and if needed to address your concern, city/state/zip and address.


Truth Revolt may use information it collects in the following ways:

  • Credit card information is used only to process, validate, provide payment for and verify subscriptions for Membership, or purchases of merchandise or contect that Truth Revolt may, from time to time, make available on the Site, or through third-party providers.
  • For any purpose if you are advised of it in advance
  • To send you e-mail notifications about new or existing Memberships, Content, products and services, special offers, or to otherwise contact you.
  • To enhance existing features or develop new features, content, products and services.
  • To provide Third Party Service Providers (see description of Third Party Service Providers, below) with aggregate information about Truth Revolt’s user base and usage patterns.
  • To allow Truth Revolt to personalize the content that you and others see based on personal characteristics or preferences, or to direct our Members to specific content of interest to them.

Truth Revolt may combine the information that we collect from you on the Site with information that you provide in connection with your use of other Content, products, Services and websites.

Truth Revolt may also share its Membership list with organizations which provide information, services or products from which Truth Revolt believes its Members will benefit, or which support development of additional Content.  By completing the Membership subscription (as indicated on that subscription) you specifically consent to Truth Revolt sharing this information with these third parties.

Truth Revolt may, from time to time, hire other companies to perform services for Truth Revolt or relating to the Site including, without limitation, facilitating some aspects of the Site, sending e-mail, and fulfilling purchase requests.  These other companies may be supplied with or have access to your Personally Identifiable Information solely for the purpose of providing these services to you or on Truth Revolt’s behalf.  In addition, Truth Revolt may provide PII to companies, including, in some instances, affiliates of Truth Revolt, established for the specific purpose of creating the Truth Revolt content.  This information will be provided to such companies only for the purpose of providing Members who have indicated an interest in a specific content project, or sponsors of such projects, information regarding the status of the project.

Truth Revolt may use third parties, called Third Party Service Providers, to provide premium features such as links to sources of additional information or content, to conduct surveys, to provide newsfeeds or current information, or to make products or services available to Members which Truth Revolt believes would be of interest to its Members.  These Third Party Service Providers may be supplied with or have access to your Personally Identifiable Information solely for the purpose of providing these services, content or products to Truth Revolt’s Members.  They may also collect and use non-Personally Identifiable Information about your visits to the Site and other websites in order to present custom information that may be of interest to you.  If you would like more information about this practice or to opt out of having this information used by some Third Party Service Providers, please visit [].  


As indicated on the Site, a primary purpose of Truth Revolt is to support the creation of content and entertainment expressing and supporting patriotic, family-oriented and traditional values.  This content may be created for use and display on the Site, or for commercial distribution through traditional outlets such a radio, television, DVD or movies, or both.  From time to time, Truth Revolt may offer its Members the opportunity to sponsor or financially support these projects to create such content.  It is anticipated that this will be an interactive process, allowing the supporting Members to actively monitor and participate in the creative process.  In order to do this, information you have provided will be used in two different ways – first, to inform you of specific opportunities to sponsor, support and become involved in the creation of new content, and second, to provide you with ongoing information and participation opportunities regarding the particular project you are supporting.  You are under no obligation to participate in any of these opportunities.

Except as specifically set forth in this Privacy Policy, your Personally Identifiable Information will not be shared outside of Truth Revolt unless you "opt in" to having your Personally Identifiable Information shared with a company that is not affiliated with Truth Revolt.

Truth Revolt may disclose and use Personally Identifiable Information and other information in special circumstances where it is necessary to enforce the Member Agreement or Terms (for example, when necessary to protect intellectual property rights).  Truth Revolt may also disclose or use your Personally Identifiable Information as well as other information when Truth Revolt, in good faith, believes that it is required by law requires to do so.


Comments:  The Site will provide numerous areas offering you with an opportunity to provide comments or feedback regarding particular Content, and read what other Members and users have to say.  From time to time, Truth Revolt may host or sponsor blogs related to Truth Revolt and its Content, current affairs, political issues, or similar concerns, and these blogs may also provide comment areas.  Truth Revolt may also establish, or permit its Members to establish chatrooms for discussion of topics of interest to Members.  When Members use the Comments feature (for example, by posting a Comment or responding to special member participation forums), Truth Revolt may make public any information that you provide including your name, location and e-mail address.

Other User Submitted Content:  Truth Revolt may, in its sole discretion, from time to time authorize and permit Members to upload other content such as user created articles, content, music or videos.  If you are offered the opportunity and choose to submit material to the Site, Truth Revolt will ask for information about yourself and the material you submitted.  Truth Revolt may, thereafter, and in its sole discretion, make public all or any portion of the information that you provide, including your name, location and e-mail address.


If you are a registered user of the Site, you may occasionally receive email messages about the Site that are intended to assist you in making the most out of your registration.  These messages contain a link that you may use to opt-out of receiving further such messages.  In addition, Members may receive email messages about the Site, their Membership and Truth Revolt Content relevant to their Membership subscription.  Members may decline to receive them by contacting [email protected].


You may, of course, decline to submit Personally Identifiable Information through the Truth Revolt Site, in which case Truth Revolt may not be able to provide full registered user access to the Content and Services on the Site.  You may update or correct your personal profile information and email preferences at any time by visiting your profile page.  Please note that media files uploaded by you cannot be removed and remain subject to our Terms.  Members are required to provide Personally Identifiable Information in order to subscribe for Membership.

To protect your privacy and security, Truth Revolt takes reasonable steps (such as requesting a unique password) to verify your identity before granting you profile access or making corrections.  You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your unique password and account information at all times.


As with most websites, Truth Revolt employs “cookie” technology.  Read our Cookie Disclosure Statement for more information on our use of cookies.  Truth Revolt also uses web beacons (invisible images often referred to as pixel tags or clear GIFs) on theSite in order to recognize users and assess traffic patterns.  Truth Revolt may also include web beacons in e-mail messages including newsletters in order to count how many e-mail messages have been opened.


When you view any third party content such as a survey or supplemental references on the Site or on other sites linked to at the Site, the owners of the other sites or Truth Revolt’s Third Party Service Provider may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser.  The Site and the other sites linked to may also use web beacons to note which pages you visit after viewing ads on the Site.  The information that is collected through the use of these images is not personally identifiable and is used only to track response to advertising efforts.


No security measures are completely reliable, and Truth Revolt does not guarantee that your Personally Identifiable Information will never be subject to unauthorized access  However, the Personally Identifiable Information Truth Revolt collects about you is stored in limited-access servers or password protected and encrypted files.  Truth Revolt will maintain customary, reasonable safeguards to protect the security of these servers and files and your Personally Identifiable Information. 


You may review and update the Personally Identifiable Information/registration information that you have provided to Truth Revolt by contacting Customer Service at [email protected].


Truth Revolt reserves the right to retain your information for as long as necessary to permit Truth Revolt to use it for the purposes stated, and to comply with applicable law or regulations.


When any material change is made to this Privacy Policy, Truth Revolt will inform you by posting a notice on the home page of the Site that the Privacy Policy has been updated and by changing the date on this page noting when the policy was last updated.  The notice on the home page will be maintained for [ten days] following any update; depending on how frequently you visit the Site, and to be sure you are aware of all updates, you should check this page frequently to confirm that you are familiar with the latest version of this policy.


Truth Revolt is hosted in the United States.  If you are a member or user accessing the Site from the European Union, Asia, or any other region with laws or regulations governing personal data collection, use, and disclosure, that differ from United States laws, please be advised that through your continued use of the Site (which is governed by U.S. law), this Privacy Policy, the Membership Agreement, and the Terms, you are transferring your personal information to the United States and you consent to that transfer.


In the event that Truth Revolt is acquired by or merged with a third party entity, or a third party purchases some or all of the assets of Truth Revolt, Truth Revolt reserves the right, in any of these circumstances, to transfer or assign the information collected from Members and users as part of such merger, acquisition, sale, or other change of control.  In the event of a bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, receivership, or assignment for the benefit of creditors, or the application of laws or equitable principles affecting creditors' rights generally, Truth Revolt may not be able to control how your personal information is treated, transferred, or used.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this Privacy Policy, you may contact Truth Revolt at [email protected].

Cookie-Disclosure Statement

“Cookies” are a common type of technology used by most large websites.  They allow you to move quickly around the site and allow the site owner to provide a better level of service to you. The following is information that will help you understand the use of cookies.

What's a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is sent to your computer by a site's server. A cookie can be a record of your visit to a site, including information such as your User Name, registration information, time of last visit, pages viewed, etc.  A cookie created by one site's servers can be retrieved only by that site's servers.  Thus, information in any cookies created or used by Truth Revolt is not accessible to other sites.

Using Truth Revolt

In order to access the Site successfully, and to take full advantage of the Content and Services, your browser must be set to "accept all cookies."  If you set your browser to "not accept" any cookies, you will not be able to use the Site as intended.  If you are having trouble using the Site, check your security settings to confirm that you are accepting all cookies.

Truth Revolt suggests that you do not navigate the Site with your browser's "cookie alert" feature enabled.  This feature notifies you onscreen whenever your computer is asked to accept a cookie.  While you certainly could set your browser to alert you each time a cookie is passed to your computer, you will likely find the experience of having to respond to frequent cookie alerts quite frustrating while trying to enjoy the Site and its Content and Services.  

Why does Truth Revolt use cookies?

Truth Revolt uses cookies to allow you to move quickly through the Site.  This is accomplished in many ways, using different cookies. When you first enter the Site, a test cookie is used to confirm your browser's ability to retain cookies.  Next, Truth Revolt will check its database to verify your subscription and Membership, or user registration, so you can gain access.  A cookie is then temporarily "set" within your browser to allow you to proceed without having to confirm your identity with each subsequent page you request to view.

Without cookie technology, Truth Revolt would not be able to offer you convenient features such as the ability to store your User Name and Password and save personalized settings.

You may receive other cookies during your sessions at the Site from Third Party Service Providers.  These Third Party Service Providers may use their own cookies in order to serve surveys or premium content on the Site.

What is the advantage for our Members?

Truth Revolt believes that the use of cookies on the Site provides numerous benefits to its Members and registered users, including the following:

Faster, more convenient access – You are not asked to identify yourself with each new page requested.  Truth Revolt can also deliver customized information and store your settings more efficiently.

Better information – Truth Revolt wants to provide you features, Content and Services in which you are interested.  Through the use of cookies, Truth Revolt can determine which features are most popular with Members and registered users on an aggregate basis and thus better serve your needs by developing new features and services in response to Truth Revolt’s analysis of usage.

Will the cookies you send me go away?

Some cookies used by Truth Revolt are long term, to avoid the need for asking you for certain information with each new session, such as your User Name.  Some cookies do expire after a short period of time.  Remember, cookies are small files and won't pose any significant disk-space concerns on your computer.

In fact, most cookies expire after 24 hours from their time of issue.  Others, such as those required to retain settings you elect (User Name, Password, Personalization preferences, etc.) will continue to reside on your hard drive for subsequent use by your browser, but are quite small and should not pose any significant disk capacity concern.

You are, of course, free to clear any and all cookies from your hard drive any time you wish; simply search your system for any files named cookie*.* (or similar) and delete these at your discretion, or use your browsers “delete cookies” feature.  This is usually found in the preferences section of your browser.  Your browser’s “Help” section should allow you to find this feature.

Remember, however, that deleting these cookies means any long-term settings (such as your stored User Name) will need to be reset, and you will have to provide this information again the next time you visit the Site.

There are also a number of software and shareware programs available that are designed to periodically purge cookie files from your hard disk.  Truth Revolt does not recommend these applications and, as such, cannot address any resulting support issues that may be related to the use of these programs.