Senior Newsweek Writer Hopes GOP Families Experience Torture, Sickness, and Death

Mmmm, a nice hot cup of liberal tolerance.

Senior Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald had a strong reaction to Congress’s repeal of Obamacare by wishing torture, sickness, and death on them and their families for supporting the American Health Care Act.

In a string of now-deleted tweets, Eichenwald laid bare what makes him tick and apparently that includes wanting Republicans to feel a lot of pain. As someone who suffers from seizures, the columnist’s tirade was triggered over the new bill’s pre-existing condition provision which could mean higher premiums for some high-risk patients, but not denial of coverage:

Eichenwald has since defended his angry tweets first exposed by The Daily Caller in an open letter stating, “Harsh? You bet. I wanted the words to be blunt, to lay out the reality of what real people would face, people who didn’t have the ability of members of Congress to avoid the consequences they voted to inflict on real people.”

“My anger exploded. I wanted them to feel the consequences of what they thought was so wonderful,” he added. “I remain angry.”

He concluded:

I deleted the tweet. Apparently, confronting people with the reality of what they have chosen is just too inappropriate. Voting to let people die is fine, rubbing the fact that they voted to do that is just wrong. 

Do I regret what I said? No. I want those words to sink in. My tweet won’t kill anyone. But the vote from those members of Congress will. 

And if they are not forced to confront what they are doing, they will just keep smiling and high-fiving.

After he deleted the tweets, Eichenwald posted another, “restating it in a less aggressive way:”


We hope that made him feel better.

H/T Washington Free Beacon