Newsweek Gleefully (and Cruelly) Predicts End to First Family

"Is Melania Leaving President Trump? You can now bet on it."

Oh, the wishes of the Left.  Since Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in a devastating upset that surely sent many blue-state believers into a thumb-inserted fetal position, the biased mainstream media have turned news programs and papers into a dream journal — they don't so much report facts as hope aloud.  And on Thursday, Newsweek writer Beatrice Dupuy, with fingers crossed, threw salt over her shoulder to the cruel idea that Melania Trump will leave her husband.

The title of the callous piece was as unfounded as it was idiotic: "Is Melania Leaving President Trump?  After Body Double Rumors, You can Now Bet On It."  Citing Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, Dupuy stated that chances of a split between the President and First Lady was "25 percent more likely" and, according to the same bookmaker, that Trump had a 60% chance of being impeached.  

This isn't the first time Paddy Power has predicted a parting of ways for the President and his model wife:  the betting organization previously gave a Whitehouse divorce 16-1 odds.  Furthermore, in March in Europe, stated odds were 5-1 that The Donald's marriage would end before his term did.  Regarding the current prediction, Paddy Power released a statement:

“It looks like a case of Donald Dumped, if the conspiracy theorists are anything to go by.”

Last week, the Left went berserk due to rumors that a body double was traveling in Melania’s place; however, The Washington Post discredited the conspiracy theory.  Referring to “Doublegate,” Dupuy stated:

"[The] hashtag #MelaniaBodyDouble continued to trend on Wednesday with users claiming that the First Lady’s body double was the Terminator, her bodyguard or mouthy lead Aerosmith singer, Steven Tyler.”

Related to the body-double conjecture, Dupuy noted that Paddy Power “will also pay out 33/1 if the President confirms the body double rumor, and has made it an 8/1 shot that Melania Trump takes up with another man during the first term.”

Dupuy added:

"The smart money is always on the house, but all bets are off with this White House.”

The difference between the Left’s white-glove handling of Michelle Obama — treatment that was virtually exclusively comprised of praise for her style, beauty, intelligence, and even coolness — and their vicious debasement of the current First Lady is a repulsive reminder that the press isn’t interested in news, because the Left isn’t interested in fairness or respect; whether it be an innocent wife, a marriage, or the First Family's 11-year-old child, the militants across the political and cultural aisle want to annihilate their opposition, and God help anyone who gets in their way.  



Photo credit: WEBN-TV via / CC BY-ND