Morning Joe Roasts Trump While He Loads Truck to Help Hurricane Victims

For someone who likes to call Trump a child, Scarborough proves he's the petulant one.

Watching President Trump load a truck with relief items for Hurricane Harvey victims proved to be an easy target for mockery on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Host Joe Scarborough had a lot of fun roasting Trump for his good will gesture.

The segment started off with a video clip of Trump at a relief center remarking, “My hands are too big.” Scarborough allowed no context for it and scoffed, “Yeah, for like a 9-year-old.” Co-host Mika Brzezinski wore confused disgust on her face. This was an obvious reference to the jokes aimed at Trump’s “small hands” during the campaign.

Scarborough attempted a compliment as a picture of Trump placing a box in the bed of a truck showed onscreen, but he whined to see a particular picture of Trump passing a Red Cross bucket through the driver’s window so he could poke fun. He turned to panelist Willie Geist who actually asked to give proper credit for the president making two trips to the disaster zones. But they couldn’t help but laugh at the president for squeezing the white bucket through the window into the cab rather than in the open bed of the pickup. They both begged for the video to play.

“Here’s your bag of cement,” Scarborough said, using his best moron accent.

They were actually spending quality airtime chiding President Trump for placing a bucket in the “wrong” spot. Meanwhile, the two pundits are sitting in their padded chairs and temperature-controlled room loading exactly zero supplies for Harvey victims. But it’s MSNBC, so, the president must be maligned.

Finally, the video played onscreen and everyone burst out laughing.

“There you go,” Scarborough voiced again in his moron accent. “Okay, I’ll put that on the gear shift.”

The same video shows Trump putting other boxes and a package of bottle water into the bed of the truck, where Scarborough prefers items to go, and that got a round of applause from the host.

“I bet they’re not breaking this down on Fox & Friends,” Scarborough added.

No, they leave the pettiness to MSNBC.

The video was played from the Twitter account of Broderick Greer, a writer for Teen Vogue and The Washington Post. He had an equally ridiculous take on the footage:

This only proves Greer has never loaded a truck in his life because anyone who has knows a rap on the truck lets the driver know the loading is finished. More hot air from the inside of the elitist bubble.

To see the Morning Joe segment, head to Mediaite.