Fmr Obama Aide Warns That Trump Admin is a Threat Like ISIS, MSNBC Doesn’t Argue

Sure, leftists, say whatever you’d like.

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC, former special assistant to President Obama, Ned Price, ramped up the drama by saying the Trump administration should be considered a threat on par with the Islamic State, and the co-hosts didn’t challenge the assertion.

“Last week we had this hearing of all national security officials on worldwide threats,” Price said. “And of course, they covered ISIL, they covered Syria, North Korea. I think we have to start asking ourselves: at what point does this administration itself become a threat we have to be concerned about?”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski took Price at his word and urged viewers to carefully consider them:

“I just want everyone to think about the question you just asked, Ned Price. Because that’s where we’re at, where we don’t know whether this presidency can sustain itself.”

That’s some quality journalism, right there, Mika.

Legal Insurrection informs us that Price donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, describes himself as a progressive, and worked as a CIA agent until he quit because he didn’t want to serve under President Trump. That should be just enough to discredit this man’s wild opinions and MSNBC's willingness to allow them to go uncontested.