Egyptian Journalist Gloats that Hurricane Irma is ‘Sign from God

No compassion for the infidel.

A so-called moderate Egyptian "journalist" has shown his tolerance and compassion for victims of Hurricane Irma by, well, condemning them.

 In a Facebook post, popular Egyptian newsman Ahmed Mansour stated that Hurricane Irma, per the Quran, was meant as a righteous punishment doled out by Allah.  

"And He will show you His signs, and what signs of Allah will you deny?" stated Mansour. Fortunately, a number of his followers, also Muslim, condemned Mansour for his vitriol: 

Morocco World News reports:

For many of the 4 million followers of Mansour, the comment did not go so well, describing it as a show of hate speech and religious intolerance. The journalist was severely criticized for gloating over people’s misfortune, ones that are in grave and deadly danger.

Others accused him of misusing and misinterpreting a verse of the Quran, twisting its original meaning to suit his opinions. One Facebook users pointed out in a comment of Mansour’s post: “What signs?! Even the murders and killing and destruction happening in Muslim countries are part of His [God] signs!”

In another comment, a Moroccan Facebook user residing in Miami, Florida, responded to Mansour by explaining that it was a matter of “evacuation measures, following the instructions and advice of the US government to avoid any casualties.”

He added that “the US is applying its prevention measures and familiarize its people since childhood to follow its SOS alert. It is out of precaution and not fear!” The man also made sure to remind the journalist that if his post “contained some kind of hatred or gloating against non-Muslims, do not forget that many Muslims actually live in Florida.”

Another commentator pointed out the double standard in Mansour’s discourse: “Back in 2015 when a crane fell on pilgrims in Mecca causing hundreds of death, or when again thousands died in the stampede the same year, you called that a ‘test’ from God and a ‘technical’ issue.”

“How is this any different?” demands the man, adding that Mansour’s comment show grave “hypocrisy and unprofessional.”

Mansour seemed to not think much of the criticism addressed against him. Soon after he publish another Facebook post with a video showing a dozen of airplanes “fleeing” Florida’s airport in fear of the hurricane, captioned with the same Quranic verse.

The Egyptian journalist was probably encouraged by the support of some of his followers, who expressed the same hateful and gloating opinions against the victims of the Irma hurricane.

While we applaud those who pointed out Mansour's hypocrisy, it is worth noting that he was also egged on by an equal if not greater number of followers who espouse similar views. The key point, however, is that this is a journalist, not an Islamic cleric or someone who claims to be particularly pious. What many in the West fail to understand is that mainstream Islamic views can be and often are this intolerant.