HBO Producer: Trump Era ‘Last Primal Scream of White Males’

Mindless musings from a new pornographer.

HBO has a new show full of graphic sex and nudity. No, it’s not Game of Thrones 2, it’s called The Deuce and the series is all about the rise of the pornography industry in New York City during the 1970s.

The show’s executive producer, David Simon, creator of The Wire, joined the cast in a recent interview with Charlie Rose. What was said is an insiders look into why entertainment is so terrible these days. That’s because everything is political. We live in the Trump era and that has Hollywood panicking to the point where a show all about porn makes a political statement.

“For us, right now, The Deuce is an opportunity to discuss gender politics, which we’ve done very little of,” Simon said. “But as we were filming this, we felt like there was something to be said about the culture of pornography and how it was almost this defining example of unencumbered capitalism.”

Filming for the show occurred during the election and that’s when Simon and the cast, which includes Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco, saw parallels between capitalism, misogyny, and Donald Trump. 

“The fact that he was able to run through… the pussy-grabbing moment and become president of the United States says all you need to know about who we are,” said the man responsible for including a scene in which an underage boy pays Gyllenhaal’s character to fondle her bare breasts.

But let’s not forget about all the white supremacy Trump has “ushered” in. Simon really let loose a doozie after Rose asked him about “relevance” to “Charlottesville and racism.” Of course there is. Simon blasted that softball:

“Well, if you ask me politically what’s going on at this moment in the country, I would say that, sort of, the backlash against women and and the backlash against people of color is distinctly linked, in the sense of, you know, in the most optimistic way that I can imagine putting it. I think we’re looking at a moment which is the last primal scream of white males in this society. That last moment of, ‘I just lived through eight years of a president of color. You are now asking me to buy in on a female president, and I’m going to go kicking and screaming because what was mine — what I perceived to be my status and privilege within the culture — is now being laid bare as entirely vulnerable, and I’m fighting back.’ And I don’t think you can divorce that from the phenomenon that is Donald Trump.”         


And here we thought this was the last primal scream of a white man: