Matt Lauer, Katy Tur Commiserate Together About Being Trump Targets

Two leftists’ tears for the price of one.

Tuesday on NBC’s Today, both co-host Matt Lauer and correspondent Katy Tur bonded over horror stories from the campaign trail as they covered Donald Trump.

Tur was on promoting her new book Unbelievable: My Front Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History and that prompted the author to recall being a direct target of Trump’s fake news accusations. He once said about her, “She’s back there, little Katy. She’s back there. What a lie it was. Third-rate reporter, remember that. Third-rate.”

Tur said covering Trump “was like a rollercoaster,” but “you just had to… continue doing your job.”

“At first, he was very charming. And when he realized that his charm wasn’t going to change my reporting, he would go on the attack,” she added. “What I did every day though, Matt — and you saw this — was go out and try and honestly report on what was happening and hold him accountable for the things that he said.”

Tur said her diary, which she covers in the book, describes exactly how she felt in those moments.

“It was jarring, it was scary,” she said, noting how she won’t ever be able to shake those feelings.

Lauer wanted some sympathy, too, and added his traumatic story:

“Yeah, I was at a few of his rallies when he would target the press. And although he never mentioned me by name, I do remember the entire room turning around and looking at the press pool.

“And it was a very intense feeling.”

But Tur one-upped Lauer, saying she had armed security because Trump whipped his crowds into frenzies:

“The crowd would all – they would turn on us and they would yell. And he riled them up to do that. And I’m not saying Donald Trump’s supporters were violent, angry people. Many of them were lovely and wonderful when you talked to them one-on-one. The concern was what if there’s one person in that crowd who might take this too seriously? Who might feel like this is not just a show or part of the act and take it further.”

We wonder if she knows it’s her job to remember the leftists who have done what she feared Trump supporters might do but didn’t. Maybe that’s in the book, too?

H/T Newsbusters