Jim Carrey to Michael Moore: Greed, Profit and Republicans Are the Enemy

The man was once known for “All righty, then” is all lefty now.

In town for his recent Broadway guest appearance in Michael Moore’s The Terms of My Surrender, former funnyman Jim Carrey joined the Fahrenheit 9/11 propagandist for a special Facebook Live event in which the two discussed the evils of greed and the treachery of Trump.

“Trump is a f***ing imbecile,” Carrey declared, according to Newsbusters. “And I’m kind of glad he is.  Because if he was somewhat efficient, he’d actually be passing some of this sadism that passes as legislation….But I know that there’s another side…that is keeping people like Paul Ryan from taking everybody’s healthcare away or passing initiatives that are…cruel. Absolute cruelty.”

Echoing a recent trend in Hollywood, Carrey also cited the election of President Trump as a component of a larger planetary menace: “I truly believe it’s all linked. All the politics, and all the hurricanes, and all the stuff. There’s an energy that is happening on this planet. It’s all connected in some way.” 

“Right,” Moore agreed.

And yet the Democrats claim to be the party of science.

Showcasing some of his Trump-inspired art, Carrey seemed to further reveal a bent toward the paranoid: one drawing featured an angry, fanged Trump with his finger on a red button and was titled, “There Are Killer Clowns All Around.” Another was a nod to The Godfather, portraying Trump sitting up in bed, aghast at a bloody eagle’s head between his legs. “I believe that Trump at some point was visited by some folks from the Russian government, and they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. And the victim was American ideals.”

But the most dastardly enemy, according to Carrey and affirmed by Moore, was profit and greed: “Everything in our culture seems to have behind it some greed motivation, profit motivation. It’s an incredible thing that you can look in every single direction, and you can sum it up to greed, what’s wrong with it.”

Further decrying the rich, Carrey called Trump “a truffle pig” who “spends half of his presidency gargling caviar behind the wheel of a golf cart (while pretending he) isn’t the elite.”

Perhaps lost in their emotionally-lathered “sock it to the man” comraderie, Carrey and Moore forgot that they both own their own businesses and have a combined net worth of $200 million. But hey —  they’re leftists, so their wealth doesn’t count.