ICE Reveals One Mexican Man Deported 44 Times from U.S.

And there’s a close second.

Data just released by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency reveals that a single illegal alien from Mexico has crossed the U.S. border and been deported 44 times over the last 15 years. What’s more, there is another individual who comes in at a close second, finding his way in and out 40 times between 2001 and 2015.

Coming in after these record-setters are three other Mexicans who have racked up an impressive number of crossings and deportations: 35, 34, and 31 times earning third, fourth, and fifth place. 

The Washington Times was given this information on condition that the illegal aliens weren’t named. However, a little about their criminal records was published:

All five were Mexican, and among them they had amassed 14 criminal convictions for illegal entry, seven for illegal re-entry, three for vehicle theft and one count of “cruelty toward wife.”

The report notes that most aliens crossing back over illegally are coming back to families and jobs, and many of them have criminal convictions including DUIs, fraud, assault, and a host of other crimes. 

Recent cases of illegal alien crimes include a 46-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador who stabbed a man in Maryland multiple times because he was asked to stop urinating in public. A two-time deportee who was driving drunk has been charged with killing Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson. A seven-time deportee in California randomly attacked an elderly man in a diner, stabbing him in the neck.

Imagine the crimes possible and repeatable for those who are crossing dozens of more times.

Deportations have increased in the U.S. under President Trump which has resulted in a drop in illegal border crossings. However, the numbers are still high and need further solutions. ICE arrested 143,470 illegal aliens in 2017, the most in three years and over 90% of them were carrying or awaiting criminal convictions.

H/T Breitbart