Comedy Central’s Jordan Klepper: Media Hasn’t Given Sufficient Voice to Gun Control

“I felt like I was so frustrated because...there was a different narrative here that wasn't being covered, and so I'm a comedian.”

On CNN's ironically-named Reliable Sources Sunday, host Brian Stelter welcomed the left-wing eponymous host of Comedy Central's The Opposition with Jordan Klepper. Though it would have played infinitely better as comedy, Klepper was completely sincere in his claim that the pro-gun control point of view hasn't been aptly covered by the media. Furthermore -- as Stelter nodded in agreement -- he contended that the NRA is responsible for a deceitful "narrative" that opponents of the organization want to disarm the public.

Throughout the segment, Stelter refused to recognize Klepper's position as left-of-center. Moreover, the CNN host praised the anti-gun Parkland, Florida teenage survivors of February's mass shooting. Stelter hailed the students' unique "availability," as though no adolescents from similar incidents had ever been willing to be interviewed. The truth, of course, is that the difference with the Florida shooting is the politically active media's lack of ethics in using the witless teens as pawns in their chess game against the right to bear arms.

Attempting to characterize his perspective as free of bias, Klepper explained that he grew up with "a lot of gun folks in [his] family and [his] surroundings," going on to voice "hope" for -- in the words of Stelter -- gun control "action."

As for why he addresses the topic of guns on his program -- as he did previously on The Daily Show -- Klepper elucidated:

“I felt like I was so frustrated because I got to talk to people who — who had guns and people who didn't have guns, and saw that there was a different narrative here that wasn't being covered, and so I'm a comedian.”

So, as a comedian, it's his job to be a leftist propagandist? 

Klepper asserted that America has much common ground between both sides of the issue, while the NRA represents an exaggerated -- and, therefore, irrelevant -- portion of the citizenry:

"I think the common ground, whether — whether you are — whether — if you have a gun, you don't want somebody to have a gun who can do some harm with that gun, and I think that's a very basic, basic thing. And I think the NRA takes this narrative, and they make it all about grabbing guns. They make it about all these hyperbolic elements, where you see the discussion that is happening this week and the majority of people agree on the same thing with the gun issue, and I think, like, there's not enough attention paid to what the majority wants. It's just, with this very small minority that feels like a majority, that this gun lobby has a much louder voice than it needs to."

Does Klepper have any understanding of the gun debate at all? The NRA sides with the 2nd Amendment, which guarantees the liberty to own firearms. Those who oppose the organization -- and, therefore, the right -- want to impede that constitutional liberty. Hence, "grabbing guns." This viewpoint has been repeatedly referenced by the Left, from Parkland anti-gun teens' endorsement of a semi-automatic ban (effectively banning all handguns), the Left's constant reference to Australia's (forced) buyback program (aka a gun grab), and Dianne Feinstein's stated wish to confiscate all guns from "Mr. and Mrs. America." Despite the senselessness of Klepper's claim, Stelter offered no pushback or correction.

Jordan Klepper believes gun control hasn't been tauted enough in the mainstream media; that notion reveals him to be an oblivious fool, as does his characterization of the debate itself. The divide is clear, and the NRA is on the side of liberty. Anyone -- in the media or elsewhere -- who doesn't understand that is far from the center, and far from in sync with the average American.