Don Lemon Debates Two-Year-Old: Is Michelle Obama 'Queen' or 'Superhero?'

"I guess that suits. She's a superhero. She should be."

When it comes to left-wing bias, every now and then, the media outdo themselves. Such an incident occurred Tuesday night, with CNN's Don Lemon welcoming a toddler to his show to choose between two characterizations of former First Lady Michelle Obama: queen or superhero.

A photo of a two-year-old looking up at a newly-unveiled painting of Obama at the National Portrait Gallery recently went viral, resulting in a PR opportunity for the darling of the Left. Obama seized upon it, arranging a meeting with young Parker Curry. The press fawned over the event, which featured Michelle dancing with the tyke.

On Wednesday, The Washington Post trumpeted, "Obama Meets Girl Who Was Captivated By Her Portrait." Also energized by the story, leftist Lemon invited Jessica Curry and her daughter to his show the night before, enthusing: 

"That photo of her being awestruck by...the portrait of the former First Lady -- I mean, it went viral. Look at that. She is like -- she's caught up in the rapture, right?"

Lemon then debated the youngster over Michelle Obama's status as royalty or comic book wonder:

J. CURRY: Parker, is Michelle Obama a queen?

P. CURRY: Yes.

J. CURRY: Yes, she is.

LEMON: I guess that suits. She's a superhero. She should be -- maybe she should be in the Black Panther movie, because she's a superhero.

J. CURRY: Right, right. Maybe Michelle Obama should be in 'Black Panther' because Michelle Obama's a superhero?




J. CURRY: What is she?

P. CURRY: She's a queen.

J. CURRY: She's a queen. Nope, Don, you stand corrected. She's not a superhero, she's a queen.

LEMON: Listen, I got to say she's right, whatever, Jessica, says -- I mean, whatever Parker says is right, so I'm totally fine with that.

The Post also published the headline "2-Year-Old Meets Obama: 'She's a Queen.'" Writer Michael S. Rosenwald gushed:

"Of course, the Internet went insane. Chelsea Clinton, who had tweeted the photo Monday night, responded almost instantly. 'Magic, Pure Magic,' she wrote. Parker's mother wasn't immediately available to describe the moment, referring the inquiry to a public relations firm -- thus confirming Parker's big-time status."

The media's worship of the Obamas is truly fascinating. To them, Michelle must surely be both queen and superhero. We wonder when the Left will treat Melania Trump with such admiration, or if they will ever recognize anything she actually is: she is a model, yet they do not rhapsodize over her beauty; she is educated and multi-lingual, but they make fun of her accent; she is an immigrant, yet they refuse to acknowledge that the President married the very thing they report him to hate. Their bias is grotesque, as is their obsessive need to praise Michelle -- a woman who, until Obama's election, was not "proud of [her] country" -- even if they have to exploit children to do so.