WATCH: Saudi Arabia Soccer Team Ignore Moment of Silence for London Terror Victims

Blew it off as a “cultural” difference.

During the World Cup finals in Adelaide, Australia, on Thursday, the Saudi Arabia soccer team blatantly ignored a moment of silence before the game done to honor the victims of the London Bridge terror attacks.

The Australian team lined up in mid-field and remained quiet and still along with the spectators who stood in respect. Meanwhile, the Saudis continued trotting around the field, warming up for the match. The Sun reports that the Saudi coaching staff also remained seated and some heard shouts during the silence from supporters of the Saudi team.

The moment of silence was particularly meaningful for the country hosting the game because two Australian women were among the eight people who were run over or stabbed by Islamic terrorists last Saturday.

According to the Football Federation of Australia (FFA), the Saudi team agreed beforehand that a moment of silence could take place but stated, “[T]his tradition was not in keeping with Saudi culture and they would move to their side of the field and respect our custom whilst taking their own positions on the field."

The claim is that Muslims pray, give to charity, or speak highly of the deceased person but they don’t observe silence.

In stark contrast to that claim, The Daily Mail published a photo of a game in Qatar against Barcelona last year where the same Saudi team lined up and linked arms for a minute of silence to honor the Brazilian soccer team who perished in a plane crash. It was also noted that for other Arabic Muslim teams (polo, handball), they, too, have observed moments of silence on the field when the Saudi’s King Abdullah died in 2015. 

Curious how Muslims never bow to other cultural traditions but demand everyone else to assimilate into their own.

At least there is a happy ending to this show of disrespect: Australia beat the Saudis 3-2.