Princeton Hires Mentor to Teach Men Not to be Aggressive, Violent, or Rapey

The “Men’s Engagement Manager” will develop “healthy” masculinity on campus.

Add Princeton University to the man-haters Ivy League club. A new full-time position at the school has been filled and its title is a mouthful: “Interpersonal Violence Clinician and Men’s Engagement Manager.” It’s job description might as well be “emasculate them wherever you find them.”

The position falls under Princeton’s health services department and it’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources, and Education (SHARE) office. SHARE “provides trauma-sensitive emergency response, intervention, and care to student survivors of sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking.”

SHARE also ensures the campus “is intolerant of abuse, responsive to needs of survivors, and holds perpetrators accountable for their actions.” To that end, the Men’s Engagement Manager will serve as a “prevention specialist focused on mentoring and engaging men” in the following categories: “enhancing awareness and challenging gender stereotypes, increasing the community's understanding of interpersonal violence dynamics, and reducing behaviors that lead to both perpetration and victimization.”

Note how the manager, nor the school, is interested in finding out if the male student is actually guilty of a sexual offense. He only has to stand accused. (Thanks, Title IX!)

Princeton already has a “violence prevention initiative” in place called MAVRIC -- not to be confused with this:

 MAVRIC stands for Men's Allied Voices for a Respectful and Inclusive Community. The manager will work with MAVRIC to promote “healthy male social development by challenging belief systems and social constructs that contribute to violence and offering alternative options.”

So, really, a male student doesn’t even need to be accused. He just needs to show up male. It’s that simple. Emasculation accomplished in 40 hours per week or less!