F*** John McCain’ is Now a Song

I see your true colors shining through.

Jonathan Mann is known for his YouTube channel where for the last seven years, he has written and performed a new song every day. His latest is a little ditty about a member of the GOP, a war hero, and someone who was just diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. It’s called, “F*** John McCain.”

Mann posted the song on Twitter along with a sorry/not sorry message:

In the past, Mann has been featured on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC and has given an inspirational TED Talk.

Because what could be more inspirational and celebrated by the oh-so tolerant Left than lyrics like:

F*** John McCain, f*** John McCain
I’d never wish death on anyone from cancer of the brain but still, f*** John McCain

Mann’s lyrics also complain that McCain is “exempt with his f***ing amazing health insurance that he gets from the government” while “voting against” health care for millions of others. Of course, no such vote was cast. McCain simply cast his vote to debate the issue and in fact, chided his fellow members for not working toward a resolution. But then, facts.

“You’d think that dying of cancer just might rearrange his thoughts on this vote,” Mann continues singing. “Yeah, you’d think so, but nope. So, abandon hope all ye who prayed for something sane. F*** John McCain.”

And if his responses on Twitter prove anything, it's that leftists have no souls: