Palestine Wants No Security at Temple Mount, Calls to ‘Defend’ Site Against Israel

Muslims are never satisfied.

After two Israeli police officers were killed in a terror attack at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem two weeks ago, Israel installed metal detectors to prevent other Muslims from smuggling weapons onto the holy site. That didn’t sit well with Palestinians, who launched violent protests in the streets against Israel. Muslims vowed to stay away from the prayer site because they weren’t willing to pass through the detectors. For the first time in decades, Jews were unimpeded from visiting and praying at the site. But then, a young Palestinian terrorist broke into a home during Sabbath dinner and stabbed to death three Jews, leaving a horrifically bloodied scene. This is how Muslims respond to reasonable security measures and in turn, Israel removed the metal detectors to appease the Palestinians but want to install a $28 million advanced security system with facial recognition that can also detect hidden objects. Predictably, Palestinian authorities find this unacceptable and have essentially vowed more violence against Jews if any security measures remain.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said, “Unless all measures go back to what they were before July 14, there will not be any changes.” In other words, just like they were before, when a terror attack was undetected.

“All the new Israeli measures on the ground from that date to the present are supposed to disappear,” Abbas added. “Then things will return to normal in Jerusalem and we will continue our work after that in relation to bilateral relations between us and them.”

“Normal” to Abbas will always include bloodshed.

Muslims that gathered at Lions Gate near the site screamed, “We want bullets, we want rockets. The people will liberate Al Aqsa” — the mosque there considered to be the third holiest site in Islam.

Turkish dictator President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is joining in solidarity by calling on all Muslims to come to Jerusalem and “defend” the mosque:

“By relying on its backers and the weapons at its disposal, Israel is making a mistake. I call on all Muslims around the world to go on a pilgrimage to al-Aksa, to Palestine – if they are able to – or find a way and help our brothers therein if they’re unable to travel. The more we defend al-Aksa, the fiercer the resistance will be. If Israeli soldiers are dirtying al-Aksa with their boots, the reason is we fail to defend it decently. Let’s defend Palestine just as we defend Mecca and Medina.”

“Defend” to Muslims will always include bloodshed.

Pamela Geller gave this response, worried that the message sent only encourages Muslims to kill to get their way -- or put more simply, just follow their religion:

Horrible. Not only does terrorism win, it wins big. What will the Muslims demand next of the Jews?

What’s the message? The more violent and savage you are, the more you will get.