University Of Maryland Cancels Screening Of American Sniper

American patriotism threatens the "diverse and inclusive atmosphere" at college campuses, apparently.

University of Maryland’s Student Entertainment Events has canceled its scheduled screening of American Sniper in response to a signed petition by the Muslim Students Association at UMD, which had protested the event. The MSA at UMD claims that the “nationalist ideology” portrayed in American Sniper threatens diversity on campus and that the killing of Muslim war criminals in the film promotes Islamophobia.

This war propaganda guised as art reveals a not-so-discreet Islamaphobic, violent, and racist nationalist ideology.... In order to create a more diverse and inclusive atmosphere at the University of Maryland, we urge you to pull the screening of American Sniper as it only serves to fuel hatred, promote Islamophobia, and discriminate against Muslim individuals.

The SEE plans “to take sufficient time to potentially organize a thoughtful, respectful program and discussion surrounding the screening that addresses controversial topics presented in the film.”


A notable amount of students on the SEE Facebook event page, however, seem disappointed by the cancellation of the film, asking for the SEE to reverse its decision. Students who wish to see American Sniper as originally scheduled have created a petition.

Similar reactions to the screening of American Sniper by Muslim organizations have occurred on several other college campuses, such as University of Missouri, University of Michigan, and UCLA, where students have called for violence against US troops and patriots.