Screening of American Sniper Hotly Contested at UCLA

Because college movie night is all about discussions on political correctness!

After a wave of UCLA students protested the screening of American Sniper, scheduled for Tuesday, the Campus Events Commission announced via social media that they would be holding a critical “discussion” following the movie. The discussion will involve "critique" of the movie and the "issues depicted in it."

Student activists protesting the film as dangerous propaganda against Muslims raised similar concerns in University of Michigan last week, causing for the scheduled screening to be canceled temporarily. Other college campuses such as the University of Missouri have experienced similar reactions from Muslim students last month.

UCLA students complain that the film glorifies the killing of “brown civilians” and is responsible the “tripling” of racism and Islamophobia in the U.S. since its release. Not satisfied with a discussion on racism following the film, many students are asking for it to be canceled.