Testy Bill Clinton Tells Crowd: Hillary Just Has The Flu

Allergies, dehydration, overheating, pneumonia, the flu.. get your story straight, lefties.

Whether he was downplaying his wife's alleged bout with pneumonia or simply failed to "keep his story straight" in that moment -- former President Bill Clinton told a Las Vegas crowd on Wednesday that Hillary Clinton just has "the flu."

The American Mirror noticed the elder Clinton's gaffe and promptly posted a clip of his unusual remarks. In trademark Bill Clinton style, his comments came with an air of sarcasm -- as if to say, "What, you don't get the flu sometimes?" 

His remark about the "flu" came during an explanation to the crowd as to why he was "standing in for Hillary."  Before saying his wife is "feeling great" and would be back on the campaign trail within the next day, the former president quipped:

"It’s a crazy time we live in, you know, when people think there’s something unusual about getting the flu ... Last time I checked, millions of people are getting it every year."

Of course Camp Hillary announced the Democratic candidate was diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday and that the illness explained her near-collapse at the 9/11 memorial service in New York that Sunday. Recall that the pneumonia diagnosis came down the pike after Clinton shrugged off her coughing bouts as allergy-related and after her campaign shrugged off her fainting spell on Sunday as due to dehydration and then "overheating." 

In an interview with Charlie Rose following his wife's "medical episode" Bill Clinton admitted that his wife has a long history of passing out -- "frequently" ...I mean, "rarely." 

Surely, Hillary Clinton was not suffering from the flu/pneumonia/dehydration/overheating/allergies each and every time she collapsed in the past, was she?