UCLA Activist Over Screening of American Sniper: "Death to America"

“Can you screen videos of US troops getting executed (or at least reenactments of that) so I can just kick back and relax? Some popcorn and swag would be nice too.”

UCLA activist and former student Seth Ashernasserpal Newmeyer, along with other UCLA student activists, has recently been pressuring the school’s Campus Events Commission to cancel a screening of American Sniper on Tuesday night. After heated debate on the CEC Facebook page, the event was modified to include a discussion for students who wished to critique the film and its perceived racism. 

Newmeyer has commented incessantly on the screening event page, calling for collective action against the CEC and condemnation of the film for glorifying US troops.

Seeing the war cases on similar moral grounds, Newmeyer suggests to the CEC that they instead screen videos of “US troops getting executed,”

 … “footage of the world trade centers collapsing,”

…  a “compilation of bin Laden’s tapes for entertainment and lionization,”

…  an event starring “neo-nazis,”

… and entertainment about “how great Mahdists were at killing Americans.”

He calls for violent death of US troops, commenting, “how about eat the troops? i mean hopefully their flesh gets roasted by some i.e.d. if they’re out occupying,” and “I’d rather a thousand US troops die horribly than one victim of their wars.”

Newmeyer expresses his sentiments as an American, “death to America.”

Newmeyer was a fourth-year English and mathematics student at UCLA in 2014 and a participant in Occupy UCLA, a group of activists who call themselves “anarcho-syndicalists.” He has encountered police force on numerous occasions during his loud rallies at university functions, some of which involved him being removed from a UC board meeting by UCPD, pepper sprayed by Santa Monica College campus police, and arrested on four charges of felony at CSU Long Beach. Newmeyer was found responsible on the latter incident for pounding a door until it shattered during a protest at a CSU Board of Trustees meeting; battery on a peace officer, participating in “unlawful assembly,” and then resisting arrest.