UCLA Activist: “What’s Wrong with Death to America???”

Explains: “death to America in its famous uses actually means something more like ‘fuck america’”

Seth Ashernasserpal Newmeyer, UCLA activist and former English and mathematics student, has recently been involved in a series of heated debates on the school’s Campus Events Commissions events page after CEC had scheduled a screening of American Sniper for undergraduate students. Newmeyer has been protesting the CEC for hosting a screening of a film that he views as racist propaganda and unjustified glorification of US veterans.

After he had declared ‘death to America’ and called for the violent death of US troops among other remarks, a story that TruthRevolt​ broke yesterday, several US veterans joined the Facebook discussion, defending their service and their country. Newmeyer stood by his previous statements, “anyway fuck the troops… I call soldiers murderers all the time.”

When it was suggested that Newmeyer and his followers were “terrorist sympathetic,” Newmeyer insisted, “hell yeah I’m sympathetic with terror groups.” He reasoned that they “have far more gender equality and tolerance for differences of identity/expression than in the u.s.”

When questioned about his declaration of “death to America,” Newmeyer protested, “what’s wrong with death to America??? …death to America in its famous uses actually means something more like ‘fuck america.'”