Schultz: Bachmann Doesn't Feel Anything

During "Ask Ed Live," Ed Schultz segued from ObamaCare to viciously snipe at Michele Bachmann

Ed Schultz claimed during his Tuesday "Ask Ed Live" segment that Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN) has ice in her veins and does not feel anything. Schultz continued that Bachmann does not care about people getting insurance and implied she would rather deny uninsured Americans medical coverage. 

A viewer snarkily asked how Schultz thought Bachmann felt about Obamacare  since she said it would "literally kill people" on the House floor in 2013. The MSNBC host responded,

Well, uh, look, the conservative message on, uh, healthcare is very shallow. It fits their messenger, don'tcha think? I don't think she feels anything, I think she's got ice in her veins when it comes to people.

Earlier Tuesday, Bachmann tweeted her concerns about how the implementation of the Affordable Care Act is negatively affecting Americans. While President Obama touted 7 million signups, the congresswoman asked him: