Mom Suspended From School Over Anti-Common Core Handout

12-year-old son distributed "opt-out" forms, school suspended mother

A Sacramento, California mom has been suspended from her son's elementary school for 14 days after anti-Common Core materials were handed out by her son, KXTV reports.

According to the report, 12-year-old Christopher Duran said about his mother's suspension:

I was outraged.

Christopher explains that he took the forms to school to give out to students in order to inform other parents about Common Core and encourage them to opt out. But the principal of Mark Twain Elementary School confiscated them, deeming them "inappropriate." 

Christopher's mother, Katherine O'Neal Duran, came to the school to confront the principal. The report says she tried to take them off of the principal's desk and describes the principal's actions as this:

She slammed her hand down on top of those letters and said, 'No they're not yours anymore; you left them here.'

Katherine was able to leave with the letters, but a few days later, police came to her home and delivered the suspension notice. Her suspension was a result of this confrontation. The report states that Katherine made sure the policeman left with "a couple of [her] opt-out forms."

The Blaze received a copy of the opt-out form and posted it online. They also spoke with the mother, who expounded on the story telling them that Christopher was made to sit in the hallway to eat his lunch alone as punishment for refusing to hand over the forms. That's what prompted the confrontation with the principal. The school admitted that it was not against class rules to hand out the papers, however, the mother's suspension stands.