NYC Taxpayers Footed Bill for De Blasio’s Anti-Trump Trip Abroad

That wasn’t the story at first.

Last week, TruthRevolt reported that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio skipped town to fly to Germany and join G-20 Summit protesters instead of mourning the assassination of an NYPD officer like the rest of the city. The move brought much scorn and ridicule not only for the poor taste and timing in leaving behind a broken city, but concern over the cost of such an expensive trip. However, the mayor’s office assured the trip, which also included a visit with his son in Berlin, was paid for by the activist organization Hamburg Shows Attitude. But as it turns out, that’s not true.

De Blasio dipped into the city’s coffers for the excursion with the blessing of the board members who said the trip had a beneficial purpose to the city, or more accurately, so de Blasio could #RESIST President Trump. From the NY Post:

The city Conflicts of Interest Board gave Mayor de Blasio the green light for a free trip to Germany because it achieved a “city purpose” — of opposing President Trump, a spokesman said Monday.

An email from the conflicts board’s lawyer, sent at 10 p.m. Friday — more than a day after de Blasio flew to Germany — said the board approved his itinerary based on a rule that allows acceptance of travel-related gifts if “the trip is for a city purpose and therefore could properly be paid for with city funds.”

Asked what city purpose was achieved by de Blasio giving the keynote speech at a G20 protest rally in Hamburg, spokesman Eric Phillips cited Hizzoner’s self-appointed role as a progressive foil to the president.

“He was representing New York City and our values, and providing an alternate American viewpoint to the deeply problematic vision of President Trump,” Phillips said.

Jazz Shaw at HotAir points out, “And the denizens of liberal New York City are so used to being taxed beyond the point of belief that it’s unlikely they’ll notice a couple of million dollars for Hizzoner to go to Germany to bash Trump. Besides… as the board already determined, denigrating the President of the United States is a valid 'city interest' when it comes to New York.”

During his keynote speech at the Summit, de Blasio praised Germany for being an open society because that’s worked out so well for them. He also dropped this little gem: “I’m here to say as a very proud American, America is not broken. America is going through a process of change. America is seeking its truest identity and its identity, in the end, will be a progressive identity and an inclusive identity — a nation for all.”

De Blasio said America is going through an "identity crisis" but that it is heading "somewhere good" because of what he sees happening in the neighborhoods of NYC, where police officers are gunned down in cold blood and city officials turn their backs. Yeah, sounds like a great progressive utopia. Good luck, New York City.