De Blasio Skips Mourning Cop Assassination to Join Progressive G-20 Protesters

“As the city mourns, its leader flees.”

As New York City remains in mourning over the assassination of an NYPD officer, the city’s mayor skipped town to join the progressive protests in Germany for the G-20 summit. But, hey, that’s progressive priorities for you.

Bill de Blasio’s Thursday trip was kept secret until about 90 minutes before he took off from Newark Airport, The New York Post reports. His office said the mayor “will attend several events surrounding the G-20 Summit, including Saturday’s Hamburg Zeigt Haltung rally” where he will be a keynote speaker. He will be rubbing elbows with the same protesters who made it too dangerous to be on the streets and trapped First Lady Melania Trump in her hotel room in Hamburg on Friday.

Many across NYC are not happy with the mayor’s last-minute trip. Republican assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, who is pining for de Blasio’s job in the next election, nailed him for leaving at a time like this:

“Unbelievable. Instead of jet-setting around the world, he should be here doing his job. A police officer was murdered, street homelessness has skyrocketed and people continue to get delayed on the trains.”

Malliotakis tweeted a doctored photo of de Blasio enjoying the tastes of Germany while NYC burns:

The assemblywoman is also upset that the mayor blew off the swearing-in ceremony for 524 new recruits who are joining the force at a time when police officers are being ambushed and murdered as they sit in their patrol cars.

“The mayor should be embarrassed by the way he has treated the men and women of our police department,” Malliotakis said.

The feeling was mutual for Ed Mullins, head of the NYPD sergeants union: “As the city mourns, its leader flees. And then he wonders why he has a problem with the police. A real leader stays with the city in this time of hardship.”

There’s a bonus side-trip for de Blasio, whose expenses have been paid for by the activist organization Hamburg Shows Attitude: He will visit his college-aged son who is currently interning in Berlin -- a two-for-one special!

Photo credit: @KevinCase via / CC BY