President Eric Holder in 2020? He’s Thinking About It

Right now, he’s busy leading the “legal resistance” to President Trump.

Barack Obama’s good friend and corrupt former attorney general Eric Holder is considering a leap back into politics and is even eyeing a run for the presidency in 2020, according to sources close to him.

Speaking to Yahoo News, Holder said, “Up to now, I have been more behind-the-scenes, but that’s about to change. I have a certain status as the former attorney general. A certain familiarity as the first African-American attorney general. There’s a justified perception that I’m close to President Obama. So I want to use whatever skills I have, whatever notoriety I have, to be effective in opposing things that are, at the end of the day, just bad for the country.”

Currently, Holder is part of the Trump resistance from a legal standpoint. His Covington and Burling Law Firm, which some have called a “shadow Justice Department,” is in contract with state lawmakers in California to go after Trump on issues like the environment, immigration, and criminal justice reform. California taxpayers are pumping $25,000 per month into the law firm to develop legal strategies to take down the Trump administration. And if all goes well, Holder would like to emerge from the shadows and back onto the national stage.

“Now is the time to be more visible,” Holder said. “Now is the time to be heard.”

Holder explains how he became part of the Trump resistance:

“I thought, frankly, along with everybody else, that after the election, with Hillary Clinton as president, I could walk off the field. So when she didn’t win, I thought, ‘We’ll have to see how this plays out.’ But it became clear relatively soon — and certainly sooner than I expected — that I had to get back on the field and be in effective opposition.”

“Up until my now our efforts have been largely organizational — raising funds, generating support,” Holder added. “But now we’re moving into an operational phase where we’ll be filing lawsuits and I’ll be more visible talking about those issues.”

Yahoo reports:

But the most intriguing — and perhaps most consequential — aspect of Holder’s ambitious new effort is a scheme, still in its early stages, to create a national, privately funded, PAC-like organization that would develop and coordinate legal resistance strategies among various states and localities that are determined to stymie Trump.

“California is in so many ways a trendsetter, whether it is in pop culture or in politics,” Holder told Yahoo News. “That’s why it was such an attractive possibility for me to go to California and work with the legislators there in crafting their response to the Trump administration — because I think what California does gives courage to other states and other public officials in other parts of the country who might be thinking about principled opposition. It shows how that opposition can take shape.”

"This is something that needs to be done nationwide,” Holder added.

For perhaps the best take on Holder’s plans, we turn it over to Legal Insurrection:

He down-played and lied about his and Obama’s Fast and Furious fiasco, refused to prosecute Black Panthers for voter intimidation, pursued prosecution of journalists and labeled one a “co-conspirator,” used his taxpayer-financed “slush fund” to funnel money to Obama allies until it was dismantled by AG Jeff Sessions.  Holder also holds the dubious distinction of being the first sitting cabinet member to be held in (both criminal and civil) contempt of Congress.

Oh, and he did Meet the Press instead of attending the Paris Solidarity March after the terror attacks, even though he was in Paris.

In other words, he has a bright future in the Democratic Party.

Photo credit: DonkeyHotey via / CC BY