NPR: UK Muslims Blame Media for 'Fueling Hatred' of Their Community

"Where does this hate come from? It comes from — this atmosphere of hostility against Muslims — comes from media organizations."

A report on yesterday's All Things Considered on NPR, a taxpayer-funded leftist propaganda outlet, suggested that the British media are "fueling hatred" of the UK Muslim community and are partially responsible for the van attack on Muslims outside a London mosque Monday.

Right, the culprit couldn't be a drunken, suicidal, "bloody psycho." The culprit must be Islamophobia, provoked by the news media, which has been reporting (with excruciating reluctance, I might add) on the recent surge of Islamic terrorism in London and throughout Europe. If only the hateful media would stop reporting on violent jihad and creeping sharia, then European citizens wouldn't be driven by "hate" to attack innocent Muslims, the Islamization of Europe could proceed unresisted, and then all would be well.

According to Newsbusters, host Kelly McEvers introduced a report by correspondent Frank Langfitt spotlighting how the "attack yesterday on Muslims has left many people frustrated; and among the targets of that frustration is the British news media. People who live in Finsbury Park, where the terror attack happened, say the way the media covers Muslims has fueled hatred of their community," said McEvers.

"When reporters arrived on the scene, where a white man drove a van into Muslim worshippers, they were met by anger and distrust," reported Langfitt, after which a soundbite from someone identified only as Muhammad was inserted: "It's 'cause of the media! Yeah! Of course! The government and the media has done this."

Langfitt followed up with a clip from Miqdaad Versi of the Muslim Council of Britain, who declared, "We have had people within even mainstream news organizations giving platforms to people who have spread hate about Muslims." He referred specifically to Mail Online Katie columnist Hopkins, whose "extreme rhetoric... has helped poison public opinion against Muslims."

Right, it couldn't possibly be the behavior of Muslims themselves that has contributed to negative public opinion -- it must be the "extreme rhetoric" of people who dare to speak out against the Islamization of their own countries and against rising jihadist violence.

"More than fifty percent of the richest population think Islam is a threat to Western civilization," continued Versi. "More than thirty percent of young children between the ages of ten and fourteen think that Muslims are taking over England. Where does this hate come from? It comes from — this atmosphere of hostility against Muslims — comes from media organizations."

Again, it couldn't possibly be because of Islamic terrorism itself. It must be because the media make Muslims look bad.

"Consider the headlines of these British tabloids," Langfitt added helpfully. "'Christianity Under Attack,' 'Millions Are Eating Halal Food Without Knowing It.' Charlie Winter says headlines like these and terror attacks, like the one at Finsbury Park, encourage online supporters of groups like ISIS."

Winter is a senior fellow at the International Center for the Study of Radicalisation at King's College, London, who noted that "In the last 24 hours after the attack, I've seen a lot of people who are not quite celebrating the attack, but they are talking about it as — as confirmation of what they've believed to be the case for a long time.

"That the West is out to get Muslims, and they can never feel at home here," said Langfitt.

Winter added, "According to the Islamic State's worldview, there is a international conspiracy against Sunni Islam; and Muslims in the West are doomed to face this inevitable war. And there's nothing that can be done to stop that inevitable conflict, apart from respond to it with violence."

Langfitt went on to quote Raffaello Pantucci, a counterterrorism researcher at the Royal United Services Institute, as saying that the van driver "was retaliating in some way for three earlier attacks by Islamist extremists." "I mean, we had this sort of chain of terrorist incidents that, in part, no doubt, were spurred on by each other. The fact that we're now having a reaction does set a really worrying precedent."

The British media and authorities need to be much more concerned about the worrying precedent of nearly daily jihadist terror attacks in London and Europe. The media aren't the perpetrators of those. Muslims are.