MSNBC Political Analyst: Republicans Close to Trump are ‘Hugging a Suicide Bomber

Pundits crossing ever-increasingly violent lines.

Leftist pundits have reached a level of depravity with their commentary on President Trump that’s unfit to air, quite frankly. Free speech protections aside, it has come to the point where these elitists have no sense of responsibility and have no tact when choosing their words. And apparently, the more violent the better.

Take for instance Elise Jordan, a political analyst for MSNBC. She just said that Republicans who “cozy up” to Trump are “hugging a suicide bomber.” Did she forget that she was on national television and not talking to her best buddy? That’s a pretty wild statement to make over frustrations of the president’s Twitter habits, but it goes to a whole other level to willingly state that in front of millions of viewers.

Jordan and anchor Craig Melvin were discussing Trump’s recent tweets confirming the nonexistence of tape recordings of former FBI director James Comey. Jordan was visibly frustrated and said Trump has “wasted the country’s collective time speculating over whether these tapes existed or not.” 

“It’s a sad day when you cannot depend on the president’s word,” she added.

But why stop there? Why not cross the line? No — why not pole vault over the line? And so she did:

“My advice would just be to Republicans who do cozy up to him, it’s just like hugging a suicide bomber. He blows you up in the process with him.”

Melvin snickered and responded, “That’s a little strong, Elise.”

“Yeah, I mean... if you are a Republican who went out on a limb and defended Donald Trump over saying, 'Well, he’s got tapes that are going to back up his point of view,' you just got blown up, too," Jordan said.