Pizza Parlor Shutters Doors After ‘Fair Wage’ Plan Bombed

Tell us again how profits are evil.

A pizza parlor in Boston was forced to shutter its doors after an attempt to buck capitalism proved an utter failure for business.

Dudley Dough began in 2015 as the brainchild of Haley House, a nonprofit organization. The idea was to offer the Roxbury neighborhood great pizza by a happy staff who is paid much higher than minimum wage and who are rewarded for being an integral part of local community outreach. In their minds, it would be a progressive pizza parlor paradise and put to shame the greedy capitalists who like their pizzas topped only with profit.

However, two years later Haley Houses executive director Bing Broderick has announced that Duddley Dough is done because it’s “not breaking even financially,” according to The Boston Globe, and has been putting undue stress on the nonprofit.

It wasn’t that the restaurant didn’t draw customers; it was very popular. It’s just that economic justice is a terrible business model. But don’t tell the employees that; they refuse to believe that the venture was a failure. Sure, it lasted a whole two years, and perhaps the wages were more than fair, but now, everyone is out of a job. It’s hard to call that a success.

H/T HotAir