CNN's Rye Adds to the Confused Cacophony of Baseless Charges: Trump Targets Black Women

“He has an issue with a strong black man…and it starts with black women."

CNN continues its flurry of unfounded, heinous allegations against President Trump, such that the group-specific accusations of hatefulness are beginning to overlap if not contradict one another.  At this point, a better idea may be to stick to the simpler charge of “100% wholly evil” and just call it a day.  Until then, viewers will be treated to rotten-to-the-core delineations of the identity politics variety, such as Friday’s assertion by political commentator John Avlon that the President specifically targets white women.  The thunder of that recrimination was then partially stolen by analyst Angela Rye Monday night, when she demanded that Trump saves his focused, vile contempt for black women.  The Left are surely wearing themselves out with all the handoffs, when perhaps calling our leader Satan might be the mic-drop they need to permit a long overdue nap. It seems safe to assume that constantly hurling baseless and embarrassingly moronic indictments is an exhausting endeavor.

However, commentator Rye is up for the challenge. On a panel for CNN Tonight discussing the recent conflict between President Trump and Florida Representative Frederica Wilson (D), she stated:

“The bigger issue that we have here is that if it's not Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, then it's Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  If it's not Congresswoman Maxine Waters, then it's Susan Rice.  If it's not Susan Rice, then it's Jemele Hill from ESPN.  He has an issue with strong black women.”

Right-leaning commentator Ed Martin interrupted Rye, countering, “No, no.  You’re cherry-picking.”  Rye continued, for a moment confusing herself with the completely different target of black men before returning to her original argument:

“Yes, he does…I don’t have to cherry-pick.  I just gave you several examples.  And…if it's not a strong black woman, then he has an issue with a strong black man:  I give you Don Lemon.  And if you need one more example of a strong black woman, I'll give you April Ryan, who is a fellow commentator of yours.  So, I'm saying there is a clear pattern and practice of his bullying behavior, and it starts with black women.”

Later in the program, while discussing the First Lady's anti-bullying campaign, host Don Lemon nearly unearthed the fact that the President has targeted many people who aren’t black — and therefore, perhaps he doesn't treat people according to their race or sex — referencing a recent New York Times list of those Trump has dressed down:

The New York Times even has a running list of 382 people, places and things Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter.”

But alas, the left-wing, persisting narrative was unimpeded by reality.

The Left is working so much harder than necessary to vilify Donald Trump — their unending charges of the President’s group-specific hatred is inefficient to say the least.  They’d do better to engage the idiocy of the general, rather than overwork themselves with the stupidity of the particular.  Or, of course, they could eschew all the madness and simply embrace the sinister-free truth.  But that's probably too much to ask of the Left, and certainly too much to ask of CNN.