Kellogg’s Corn Pops Box Accused of ‘Teaching Kids Racism

If you look hard enough, you can see whatever you want.

Kellogg’s was called out on Twitter for “teaching kids racism” on its breakfast cereal boxes because in 2017, EVERYTHING is racist.

Saladin Ahmed, an author and Marvel comics writer (Black Bolt), apparently has a keen eye because upon viewing the back of a Corn Pops box, which featured dozens of yellow corn pops characters, he was able to pick out the only one slightly darker than the rest and noticed it was the janitor. Instead of ignoring what could’ve been a printing error; or considering the fact that janitors do dirty jobs; or having awareness that even those with the same color skin still come in a variety of shades, Ahmed did what only the outraged can: get on Twitter as fast as possible and blast that indignation into the cybersphere:



He followed that up with another tweet:



And then the unthinkable happened: instead of laughing Ahmed off as a nutcase, Kellogg’s responded five hours later with an apology and a promise that they were updating the artwork and printing new boxes for the next shipment:



Ahmed said he appreciated “the rapid response.”

But here’s where Ahmed’s Arab privilege showed through: the box was covered in yellow-colored characters, which any person of far eastern decent might find equally offensive. Why didn’t Ahmed stand up for them? Why was he only concerned about people with brown skin? What a shame that he's passing on such obvious racism to his child.