MSNBC: 'Central Point' of Obamacare is its 'Benefits'

Obamacare good. Private insurance bad.

The last several weeks have seen an absolute sea change in terms of the national narrative’s tone on Obamacare. From the extensively covered problems with the website launch to the acknowledgement that the things the President said about his health care plan aren’t true, there are many things that come to mind when discussing Obamacare. Most of them aren’t positive.

But don’t tell that to MSNBC fill-in host Joy Reid, who marked the one year anniversary of President Obama’s re-election by touting the benefits of his signature health care legislation in an interview with Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) during the Martin Bashir show:

Do you get the sense that the problems with the website have now obscured the central point, which is the benefits that the Affordable Care Act potentially offers people”

Congressman Nadler assured her that they had not, and blamed many of the problems that the health care roll out has endured on an uncooperative GOP:

Of course Republicans are doing everything they can to sabotage the underlying law.  One of the reasons you are having so many problems…is because states with Republican governors and legislatures refuse to set up their own exchanges”

Reid took it a step further though, calling insurance companies negligent if they don’t help the customers they are no longer allowed to serve by sending them to the website for the policy that has caused the people to become uninsured:

I think that’s one of the odd things you’ve seen happen. Republicans giving a pass to insurance companies as if number one they’ve never raised insurance premiums before the Affordable Care Act and number two not explaining to people, if you’re getting a letter saying that your policy is now non-compliant, and they’re not then telling you that you can shop for a cheaper policy on the exchange, that’s not the Affordable Care Act. That’s the insurance companies doing what they’ve long done…which is mess people over.”

It’s worth nothing that one of the other things insurance companies have long done is insure people. To the tune of 263.2 million people as of 2012. And also that people’s ability to shop for cheaper health insurance policies on the exchange has been hindered by the severely flawed roll out that saw the sites now shut down daily for maintenance.