Anita Hill to Appear on The Daily Show

With the new documentary Anita set for release this coming Friday, the film's star, Anita Hill -- the woman who nearly halted Justice Clarence Thomas' nomination to the Supreme Court 23-years-ago when she accused him of sexual harassment -- will appear on The Daily Show Thursday night to cap off her promotion tour. Thomas was found innocent of Hill's charges.

Her most recent interview for the Los Angeles Times in which Irene Lacher asked Hill zero questions about why she waited ten years after her time at the EEOC to bring the allegations against Thomas forward, why phone records proved she called Thomas several times once they "no longer had contact," and why no woman has accused Justice Thomas of misconduct during his 23-year tenure on the Supreme Court, may provide a small clue into what might take place on The Daily Show

According to the Huffington Post, the film debuted at Sundance to "sold out screenings," and met with thunderous applause once the curtains closed.

TruthRevolt will provide coverage of the interview.