Variety: Truth Revolt 'Diligence' Exposes Hardball

Awkward silence was "the most beautiful 20 seconds of Hardball"

 Variety has picked up on TruthRevolt's discovery of Chris Matthews' awkward silence at the end of a segment Monday night. Calling it "the most beautiful 20 seconds of "Hardball," the blurb credits TR's persistence in continuing to report on the media's fallibility:

“Six of one, half dozen of the other,” Cillizza said, laughing it off. But the truth matters to Chris Matthews, who decided to try again while still on the air. “Let’s go back and do that again. Just a minute, let me do that over again, please, please,” the host said, followed by 20 seconds of awkward silence.  Thanks to the diligence of right-wing Web sites like Ben Shapiro’s Truth Revolt, the clip surfaced online. Watch as three men awkwardly gaze into their respective cameras and listen to the beautiful sound of Matthews not speaking.

Matthews' gaffe Monday was the result of him thinking his show was being taped when in fact it was airing live. On Tuesday, perhaps as a result of the prior day's blunder, Hardball was taped with a discussion of Florida's special Congressional election occurring in generic terms as the News Desk was reporting results that notably contradicted some of the premises of Hardball's discussion.