Matthews: Michelle Obama is Attractive

Discussing Hillary Clinton 2016, Chris Matthews Gushes over Michelle Obama

Chris Matthews exclaimed on the Wednesday edition of Hardball that he finds First Lady Michelle Obama "attractive." During a segment with Mark Halperin of Time and The Washington Post's Nia-Malika Henderson, the three speculated whether First Lady Michelle Obama would stump for Hillary Clinton in 2016.  Matthews suddenly gushed:

 Michelle Obama, the first lady, is a sphinx when it comes to political thinking. I don't know what she... obviously she's very likeable, attractive, everybody likes her. She's got great numbers. Every time I've ever bumped into her I find her great, charming to meet with. 

Matthews continued speculating that Michelle Obama may have "cast her bet" for Hillary Clinton, rather than Vice-President Biden, as Hillary  would be the best bet to ensure Barack Obama's legacy.  

The host did not specify if the First Lady made a thrill go up his leg.