Matthews Mocks O'Reilly's Recognition by Irish Association

Chris Matthews and Bill O'Reilly were inducted into the Irish America Hall of Fame on Wednesday.

Chris Matthews ended his Wednesday show talking about how honored he was to be inducted into the Irish America Hall of Fame on Wednesday. He could not keep a straight face while commenting about his fellow inductee, Bill O'Reilly, who was also recognized. After giving his thanks to those who nominated him, Matthews smirked,

The fact that Bill O'Reilly joined me in receiving it takes away none of that honor. In his own way, he, Bill O'Reilly, too, deserves recognition. 

When he signed off and promoted Chris Hayes' show coming up next, the MSNBC host tired unsuccessfully to suppress a chuckle at the thought of sharing an award with the Fox News star. Matthews never addressed why people would assume being inducted the same day as O'Reilly would take away any of the "honor."