'Morning Joe' a Favorite Show of North Korean Military

MSNBC is no doubt proud to be a favorite of America's enemies.

The North Korean military reportedly enjoys watching MSNBC's Morning Joe with Trump-bashing hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. Now there's something they must be proud of -- America's sworn enemy with a lunatic at the helm loves their show. Good work, Joe and Mika.

NBC News foreign correspondent Keir Simmons interviewed a North Korean lieutenant colonel last week and reported to Joe and Mika that the officer and other military officials watch the show faithfully and agree with Mika that President Trump is "mentally ill."

"Be it [sic] no doubt that the senior officials here pay attention to what is being said in the U.S. One telling me that he watches ‘Morning Joe' every day, specifically for the segments about North Korea," Simmons said.

"He quite plainly said he believes President Trump is mentally ill," Simmons added. "And he was unequivocal in saying that he believes North Korea could win a war with America."

Simmons also said that he asked the North Korean officer if he is scared for his family, with what they are seeing in America right now -- because Simmons and MSNBC are truly concerned about the anxiety level of a military official who would happily watch Americans burn in a nuclear holocaust.

"And you know what he said to me?" Simmons asked. "He said, ‘All my life, I have felt threatened by America,' and if there is a nuclear war, he said he believes that North Korea and the North Koreans could survive that."

So America is the aggressor, and we should feel sorry for the officer and his family. Got it.

Simmons signed off, and Mika told her co-host and fiancé Joe that there are "a couple of things that come to mind here. First of all, they're saying what a lot of people are thinking, that the president is mentally ill."

The ruler of North Korea is a barbaric megalomaniac who starves his people, rapes women at will, kills family members who displease him, foments international terrorism, and threatens America and its allies with nuclear destruction. But in Mika and Joe's purported minds, President Trump is the problematic leader.

"I was going to say, Mika, you've got a mind-meld with some people in North Korea," Scarborough added, as if this were something to be proud of.

Brzezinski responded by saying, "I think we are in a very dangerous place. I think the president is a very dangerous man because of his lackings [sic]."

Don't worry, Mika, the North Korean officer is confident that in a nuclear conflict, the side you're rooting for will win.