Columbia University Ignores Threatened Republican Students

"Our entire way of life is maintained through violence."

Remember when Ivy League schools were places that challenged students, more than any others, to learn new things, expand their horizons, and consider other points of view? Those days are long gone. Executive Board Members of Columbia University's College Republicans are being doxxed and threatened by the city's Anfita coalition, and the school has done nothing. 

Flyers are being posted with photos of these republican students, telling readers to "let (them) know what you think" if seen on campus." Joey Siegel, Director of Operations at Columbia University College Republicans (CUCR) told Campus Reform that he was being targeted over speakers whom he didn't even want to invite.

“I did not want to bring Tommy Robinson or Mike Cernovich to campus because I am more interested in other speakers,” he said, explaining that the club was motivated by other reasons. 

“That said, there is some value in bringing them, these guys, whether we like them or not, are not going away once we graduate and enter the real world,” Seigel said, adding, “Columbia students [would] benefit from getting a chance to understand the methods of bad men and how to go about debating them.”

Additional posters have appeared featuring all CUCR board members. New York City's Antifa declared in a recent call to action, “Here are the fliers identifying Executive Board members of [CUCR], who are inviting fascist speakers to their campus... these students appear to be entitled rich kids, padding their resumes for future jobs at hedge funds." It continues: "If you see these people tell them what you think.” It then says that these students "never thought they would have to face consequences for inviting fascists to speak on their campus."

Wow, for people trying to shut down free speech, they sure seem to be throwing around the word "fascist" a lot. Pot, kettle.

While the posters single out Mike Cernovich, speakers range from Herman Cain to Dennis Prager, and even Columbia University professor Mark Lilla. That wouldn't rile up the so-called antifascists of Antifa, though. Campus Reform spoke with a local Antifa member who said he understands how the posters seem threatening. This Antifa member said "(I) understand why some might feel threatened by the post, especially women, given the recent headlines about sexual violence in our society." Does this person care? Nope: "(I) don't have sympathy" for those targeted, and would not discount using violence against these Republicans. "As a tactic, (violence) should be debated, but our entire way of life is maintained through violence."

The Left says they "feel unsafe" for the most ridiculous of things, but here are conservative students who have a solid reason to fear for their physical safety. What is Columbia doing? They told Fox News in an e-mail that "student safety is our top priority," but, according to CUCR, the administration has offered them no precautionary measures to ensure it.