Maxine Waters Can Afford $4 Million Mansion Doing Gov’t Work?

And lives in 1950s-level segregation to boot.

How does California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters afford a multi-million dollar, 6,000 sq.ft. mansion in an affluent white neighborhood in Los Angeles on government payroll for the last 40 years? Enquiring minds want to know.

It’s a question Tucker Carlson asked on his Fox News program last week after Waters trashed Housing of Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and vowed to “take his ass apart.”

“He knows nothing about the mission of HUD. He doesn’t care about people in public housing. He believes that if you are poor, it is your own fault,” Waters said at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. “And he doesn’t know the difference between an immigrant and a slave. And if he thinks when he comes before my committee where I am the ranking member [of the Financial Services Committee] that I am going to give him a pass… I am going to take his ass apart.”

That didn’t sit well with Carlson:

“Well, since we live in a world where pro-wrestling references are now the very same thing as violent threats, one wonders what to make of remarks that California Congresswoman and progressive hero Maxine Waters recently made about HUD Secretary Ben Carson…

“Now, we’ve mocked Maxine Waters before on this show, but we should take her seriously on this subject. Congresswoman waters is a confirmed expert on the question of housing, especially her own housing. Consider where she lives — in a 6,000 sq.ft. $4.3 million mansion in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

“Now, how’d she afford a place like that after having spent the last 40 years working in government? We’d hate to speculate. How does she keep getting reelected despite not living in her own congressional district? No clue there, either. The district Waters actually represents in Congress has the second highest percentage of African-American residents in the state of California. Now, the neighborhood where Waters actually lives is just 6% black, or as she might put it herself if she didn’t live there, it’s segregated. Like, 1950s-level segregated. And as we mentioned, it’s really, really rich.

“So, how did Maxine Waters pull off a housing coup like that? Who knows, but it almost qualifies her to be HUD secretary herself.”

Of course, the answer to Carlson’s query is corruption. Our own Discover the Networks entry on Rep. Waters details this fact, including how she spreads her wealth to her own family via a mailing operation for her federal campaign committee, Citizens for Waters. (And don't forget she praised Marxist dictator Fidel Castro.)

Her Wikipedia page also gives further insight:

[I]n 2004, Maxine Waters' relatives had made more than $1 million during the preceding eight years by doing business with companies, candidates and causes that Waters had helped. They claimed she and her husband helped a company get government bond business, and her daughter Karen Waters and son Edward Waters have profited from her connections. Waters replied that "They do their business and I do mine." Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) named Waters to its list of corrupt members of Congress in its 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2011 reports. She was accused of using her position to prevail upon officials to meet with OneUnited Bank without disclosing that she and her husband had significant stock holdings in the company. Since she was on the Financial Services Committee she largely had the role of determining where TARP funds would go. $12 Million in TARP funds went to OneUnited without her ever disclosing that she had a financial stake at the company. Citizens Against Government Waste named her the June 2009 Porker of the Month due to her intention to obtain an earmark for the Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center.

And that’s just scratching the surface.