Vassar Teaches Freshmen to 'Appreciate Social Justice'

Workshops focus “on celebrating identities and affirming belongingness within our communities.”

In case any incoming freshmen (freshpersons?) at Vassar College think that they're embarking on a four-year adventure in a world-class education, a mandatory 15-day new-student orientation that emphasizes social justice and "belongingness" should disabuse them of that notion.
All new students will be required to complete a series of three diversity-themed workshops, reports Campus Reform, that will take a total of five hours to complete.
The series will begin with the “We are Vassar workshop,” which invites students to participate in “an introduction to inclusive language” where they will “explore what can impact our sense of identity and belonging within our community.”
During the next session, students will learn about people “of particular identities, beliefs, and expressions,” while the concluding session will reiterate the school’s commitment to “celebrating identities and affirming belongingness.”
An explicit goal of this year’s New Student Orientation, says Campus Reform, is to help students begin “engaging and appreciating social justice,” noting that students will embark on “the journey towards self-awareness, community awareness, and appreciation of and support for a diversity of experiences, interests, beliefs, identities, and abilities.”
Tips for students seeking a serious education:
  • Avoid any school that non-ironically uses a word like "belongingness";
  • Avoid any school that demands you use "inclusive language" and "celebrate identities";
  • Avoid any school that believes it has a social justice mission.
Granted, that doesn't leave you with many choices, and that's why more and more parents are opting for homeschooling -- because our educational system is hopelessly broken, particularly at the college and university level, where liberal arts schools have become indoctrination mills and social justice training camps.
Vassar declined Campus Reform's request to elaborate on what students will learn during the workshops, probably because they won't be learning anything except a lot of narcissistic, race-and-gender-obsessed jargon.