Maxine Waters Vows to Take Ben Carson’s ‘A** Apart

See? She went “high" again.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) went “high,” as Democrats claim they do, on Saturday, telling a rowdy crowd at the Essence Festival in New Orleans that she was ready to take Housing of Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson’s “ass apart.”

“He knows nothing about the mission of HUD. He doesn’t care about people in public housing. He believes that if you are poor, it is your own fault. And he doesn’t know the difference between an immigrant and a slave,” Waters said, according to Breitbart. “And if he thinks when he comes before my committee where I am the ranking member [of the Financial Services Committee] that I am going to give him a pass… I am going to take his ass apart.”

While she was at it and giving the audience what it wanted, Waters, who said she has "taken off the gloves," attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions, too, calling him “a racist… throwback.”

“He really did like the KKK until he learned that they smoke pot,” she reportedly said.

But since she was going so high, why stop there?

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was next. Waters said she has “never seen the inside of a classroom” nor “served in education.”

Waters, the leading Congress member of the impeach Trump movement, has been quite vocal lately, even saying impeachment is not enough and that perhaps Trump should be exiled. She has adopted Trump’s “lock her up” chant — which she swears was written by Vladimir Putin — and promised the Essence Festival that, “We’re going to lock him up.” The crowd joined in, as she shouted, “Impeach 45!”

And do you know why Waters is going to take Carson’s ass apart and “stop [Trump’s] ass?” Because "Democrats give a sh*t about people."