Gloria Steinem Joins Michael Moore's One Man Show

"We are seriously woke."

The Michael Moore one-man Broadway show has arrived, and he opened Thursday with a special guest: feminist activist Gloria Steinem.

His show, The Terms of My Surrender, featured Steinem for a bash-Trump conversation. The Hollywood Reporter states that she received a standing ovation. 

“I don’t have the answers, but you have to remember though, I’m a hope-aholic,” said Steinem.

She reportedly told Moore that while Trump's election is "incredibly dangerous, it made activists become “seriously woke.”

“Though it’s incredibly dangerous what happened — and it is, as you pointed out, the result of a perfect storm — we are woke now. We are seriously woke,” she said. “It’s a thousand times more because it’s all age groups and the anti-Vietnam movement was largely young people, and it’s geographically everywhere where the civil rights movement was not as much in the whole country as it should have been.”

"It’s just huge,” Steinem added. “It is the majority, it’s people just doing whatever we can, which is the key.”

Moore’s show also heralded a coming economic crisis and a warning to Democrats.

“If you study the history of the market, this is actually a very scary moment because it is doing so well,” Moore told the audience inside the Belasco Theater. “This is what always happens before a crash. This is going to reach a point and it will collide in a perfect storm with some outrageous action on the part of Trump either domestically or internationally and [the economy] is going to come tumbling down.”

“I have no stocks,” Moore added. “I advise people not to invest in the stock market, not now. Way too dangerous.”

We advise people not to waste their money on Moore's show. This New York Times critic agrees (!) with us: "Audiences hoping for a bit of feel-good liberal therapy, let alone a good show, may be disappointed to find that Mr. Moore isn’t very interested in them. He’s not preaching to the choir: He’s bragging to it."