Lena Dunham Witch-Hunts Airline Employees She Overheard Having ‘Transphobic Talk’

Here comes the woke police!

Because Lena Dunham can’t mind her own business, she tried to get two American Airlines flight attendants at JFK Airport disciplined/fired/publicly humiliated after she overhead their private conversation that she considered to be “transphobic.”

Like all progressive zealots, the so-called actress immediately opened her Twitter app and shamed her fellow Americans enjoying their First Amendment rights:





She was then asked by AA to direct message the airline with even more information to help them locate the offenders:



As folks began to process her online witch hunt, they responded in kind on Twitter:









Well, American Airlines did get to the bottom of it and told Fox News on Friday that they have reached a conclusion in this crucial investigation:

“We always look into complaints from customers, but at this time, we are unable to substantiate these allegations.”

Oh well, Lena, you’ll get ‘em next time!

Until then, she remains proud of her war on women:



H/T Twitchy