AP Asks: If North Korea Fires Missiles at Guam, Should We Shoot Them Down?

Hmm, let me think about that for a second… umm, YES!?

Idiocy abounds in the mainstream media and the Associated Press has just delivered a facepalm-inducing query on the situation with North Korea.

There was a collective gasp of “Should it??” on Twitter in response to such an inane question when Guam is full of U.S. citizens. So, yes, it would be prudent to protect them by any means necessary. We’re not sure why the AP would even second-guess protecting innocent lives. 

The outlet also seemed to have concerns that shooting down Kim Jong-Un’s missiles might provoke him to… shoot missiles, which is stupid because, well, he keeps threatening to SHOOT MISSILES. He was born provoked! He’s a madman. He does madman things.

Someone of a more sound mind turned the tables and posed this scenario to the Associated Press: “What if there was an armed attack on the @AP? Could we repel the attackers? Should we?”


But the AP wasn’t the only one in the media that made us want to slam our heads into the keyboard. The New York Times offered up a doozie of its own:

So, Guam: You’re in a tight spot. Sure, there are nuclear missiles pointed in your direction by your neighbor, but your real concern is global warming. Forget the fact that if the island gets nuked it’ll be warmer than it will ever be and wiped off the map. Good luck with all that!

What’s next? Journalists arguing that Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) was right to be worried that Guam will become so overly populated by Marines that it will tip over in the ocean? With capsizing and climate change threatening the stability of the island, the least of Guam’s concern is nuclear missiles.

H/T Twitchy