George Washington U Students Shocked to Learn They Support Trump’s Tax Reform

Wait, those aren't Bernie Sanders’ ideas?

Campus Reform (CR) visited students at George Washington University to get their thoughts on President Trump’s tax reform plans and unsurprisingly, it was immediately panned. However, when CR disguised some of the specifics of the plan as if they came from Sen. Bernie Sanders, the students were suddenly all-in.

The students in the video said that Trump’s tax plan is inefficient, is terrible for the middle class, and only benefits the upper class. Then, the same students were presented with Sanders’ “compassionate alternative” to Trump and they quickly changed their tune — of course, they had no idea it wasn't Bernie's at all.

The interviewer asked students to rate “Sanders’ plan” as positive or negative and here are their answers:

Increase the child tax credit — Positive!

Eliminate the death tax — Positive!

Lower small business tax rate to no more than 25% — Positive!

“Good job, Bernie,” one student said confidently at the conclusion of the interview. But then came the bad news — Trump is the one responsible for such greatness.

“Wow! That’s interesting!” one student said. 

“I am shocked that I do agree with Trump on certain things,” another stated.

One could only utter, “Interesting,” as he looked aimlessly from side to side in total disbelief. 

“I would imagine that he would be a little more stupid than that,” a female student said about Trump’s plan.

The eye-opening exercise made the students admit that they will instantly disagree with any plan — even a good one — just because they associate it with Trump. 

“I think people definitely hear the name and start to think things automatically, and also because a lot of people just go to the same news sources, the same media; it makes it tough to get other points of views,” said one self-honest student.

This proves these college students don’t actually know what they are talking about even though they are quick to give their opinions on the subject. Perhaps more exercises like this could break the death spiral most college campuses are in around the globe... or perhaps not.