Trump's Tax Cut Win

Senate prepares the way for a massive tax cut.

Donald Trump campaigned on a promise of bringing in "yuge" tax cuts and now it looks like he, and Republicans in the Senate, may be about to deliver. All that golfing with Senator Lindsay Graham and lunching with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell looks like it is about to pay off.

Even The New York Times is calling this a win for Trump and the Republicans after the Senate passed it's budget blueprint late Thursday:

The Senate took a significant step toward rewriting the tax code on Thursday night with the passage of a budget blueprint that would protect a $1.5 trillion tax cut from a Democratic filibuster.

The budget resolution could also pave the way for opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to oil exploration by ensuring that drilling legislation can pass with only Republican votes.  

While Democrats attacked the plan, President Trump praised it in his usual way, via Twitter, even including a video of McConnell speaking of the measure from the Senate floor:



Senator Rand Paul was the lone Republican to vote against the blueprint, saying that the tax cuts should have gone hand in hand with budget cuts. The Senate blueprint may run into trouble, not from Democrats, but from Republicans in the House. The House budget blueprint calls for tax reform legislation but also contains spending cuts that the Senate doesn't want to touch.

Still, Senator Graham said Republicans should get behind the Senate plan with or without those spending cuts to get the tax reform passed:

“This is the last, best chance we will have to cut taxes,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina and a member of the Budget Committee, who warned that the consequences would be ruinous if the party failed.

“That will be the end of us as a party,” he said, “because if you’re a Republican and you don’t want to simplify the tax code and cut taxes, what good are you to anybody?”  

The House will take up the Senate's budget blueprint next week, if Speaker Paul Ryan can muster enough votes. Americans could soon be keeping more money in their pockets rather than sending it to Washington.