The Worst Media Reactions to Jihadi Suicide Blast that Killed Children

Reports of mass casualties after an explosion, but back to Trump/Russia.

On Monday evening in Manchester, England, a cowardly Islamist detonated a suicide vest as children left an Ariana Grande concert. Some 22 people, including a now-confirmed 8-year-old girl and an 18-year-old girl, were killed and scores of others were maimed and injured. 

Sure, with breaking news like an explosion happening at a public event and little other details to go on, it would be irresponsible to immediately claim terrorism or blame ISIS even though it walks and acts like a duck. But it would also be irresponsible not to pursue the story at all, and even worse to not take it seriously knowing the inevitable that terrorism could be involved. Yet, many media outlets did just that last night.

To open his evening show, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews played some of the initial video taken from inside the panicked arena as concertgoers screamed and ran for safety, but he quickly cut away to more pressing matters: Trump/Russia.

“Police say there have been a number of fatalities and a serious incident after a concert at Manchester arena,” Matthews said over the video of children screaming. “A senior U.S. intelligence official tells NBC News there has been an explosion. We’ll get the latest on that in a minute.”

“We begin, however, with the shocking news in Washington tonight,” Matthews continued, hoping to prove collusion between Trump and Russia during the election.

Matthews did speak later with MSNBC’s law enforcement analyst Jim Cavanaugh who posited the loud sound could have come from a “gas-filled balloon” or from the audio system. Cavanaugh then explained that any loud pop in an arena is going to reverberate and echo around the bowl-like stadium.

“It's going to sound very loud, whether it's a bomb or not,” Cavanaugh said. “And that could cause a panic and, you know, a stampede and trampling injuries and even multiple deaths. Still could be a bomb. We don't know. Could be a terrorist bomb. These venues are targets, Chris as we all know.”

CBS News and NBC News casually mentioned the incoming reports of a “serious incident” but didn’t bother to stay with the story. ABC, on the other hand, skipped it altogether to talk about Elvis Presley’s abandoned private jet that is for sale, according to Newsbusters.

A BBC host was interviewed on MSNBC as video of the carnage played in splitscreen. “Get used to it… we have to,” she said, sounding just like the Muslim mayor of London who famously said terror attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city. 

The chatter on Twitter was typical of that cesspool. The Atlantic writer David Frum managed to blame Trump for the slaughter of innocent children (the tweet is still live, but screencapped below in case it disappears):

But one of the worst moments on Twitter belongs to Boston-based freelance writer David Leavitt who lists credits at CBS and Yahoo. His repulsive tweet remained posted for quite some time, but the pressure finally got to be too much and he has since deleted it. Screenshot below:

His other tweets are still live and wholly unapologetic:



Didn't realize the magnitude?? Even though you wrote "MULTIPLE CONFIRMED FATALITIES" in all caps?? And yet, he continued:



All of the companies he has listed have distanced themselves including AXS and CBS which said Leavitt doesn’t work for them. Yahoo said they haven’t employed the writer since 2014.

This is your leftist media, ladies and gentlemen.