Major Networks Covering More About Trump Gossipfest Than Iran Protests

Who needs actual news when you can denigrate the President with unsubstantiated attacks?

A week ago Thursday, sustained protests erupted in Iran, in defiance of the country's oppressive government. Despite the significance of the newsworthy unrest, the mainstream media have curiously preferred covering an altogether different dissent: author Michael Wolff's anti-Trump gossipfest.

Selections from Wolff's book, entitled Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, were released to the press Wednesday. Subsequently -- and incredibly -- all three major network outlets have devoted more air time to the incendiary passages than they have at any point to the uprising in Iran.

As noted by Newsbusters, after one week of the Iranian protests, evening news among the Big Three spent 15 minutes and 49 seconds on the melee. On December 28-29, and January 3-4, no reporting was allocated to the story at all. By contrast, the networks gave a total of 19 minutes and 32 seconds -- in only two days' time -- to Wolff's tabloidesque Trump attack.  

Even after two people were killed last week during the revolt in Iran, ABC sat silent. Between Monday and Tuesday, only CBS covered the rebellion for more than two minutes. During the minimal coverage, they did manage to vilify President Trump for supporting the protesters, calling for the President to keep his opinions to himself. Downplaying the number of protesters, ABC and NBC reported Iran's state media official headcount, numbering them at a minimized 15,000. Furthermore, CBS questioned reports that the government was neutralizing those rebelling, even as the death count exceeded 20.

On Wednesday, the protests had been reportedly shut down by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard. On the same day, the inflammatory segments of Wolff's book were released. In that wake, major media spent a total of 11 minutes and 13 seconds on the left-wing publication on the first day. Moreover, due to the perception of a Bannon rift, suddenly Steve Bannon was no longer a member of the KKK in the minds of the Left, and now magically a hero.

At the one-week mark since the beginning of the protests, not a word was mentioned about Iran, as another 8 minutes and 19 seconds were given to Bannon and the book.

The mainstream media's bias against the Trump administration is staggering. Once a field which prided itself on at least the pretense of objectivity, journalism has openly broken from the notion of factual reporting, instead consumed by the drama of an all-out war against Donald Trump. As it sacrifices its credibility for the perceived gain of fighting its political adversary, the leftist media is repulsing half -- if not more -- of the country. And in the end, whether they cover substantial stories heralding the fight against truly despotic forces, or the trivial gossip against a Republican administration, the American people will make up their own minds. Just as they did in November of 2016. And as they are likely to do, defiantly -- in opposition to the biased media -- in 2020.